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  • Mats Hjalmarsson at 2002-03-20

    what is the komi on this site? I think that it was 8.5 in one of my games. Is that standard on this site? And if so, why?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2002-03-25

    I was very hesitate for proper komi on board 13x13. Tournaments are played from 5.5 komi to 8.5 komi. For example on page home.snafu.de/jasiek/egcinfo.doc is komi 8.5. If my information is proper, European championship is played with 8.5 komi (on 13x13), than I decided to choose 8.5 komi for this site. But I am willing change it.

  • Nick Wedd at 2002-03-26

    My own opinions only:

    There is no reason to think that correct komi varies with board size, at least for reasonable-sized boards, bigger than 6x6.

    The correct komi depends on the strength of the players. For professionals, it may be in the range 7 - 9. For weak players, it may only be around 5.

  • Tim Brent at 2002-03-30

    I think for a 9*9 board,8.5 is excessively tilted to White.
    The main reason there being that with only 81 points on the board (at the start),you are saying that the only way Black wins is to basically force White to resign,as I do not think a 9 point lead on an 81 point board is probable,unlike on a 361 point board or even a 169 point board.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2002-03-31

    On 9x9 komi is 5.5. I think that best possibility for komi is auction about komi ahead of game between players.

  • Mats Hjalmarsson at 2002-04-01

    I don't understand what's wrong with 5.5, and definitely not why the komi is different on different board sizes.

    If one wants that, though, I guess it makes more sense to use a higher komi the smaller the board are that one plays on.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2002-04-01

    Click on [Main menu][Tournaments][go9x9] - there is komi for all boards. And when you play game, komi is in table “Game info”.

  • Mats Hjalmarsson at 2002-04-02

    yes, what I was referring to was the fact that 19x19 & 9x9 has 5.5 and 13x13 has 8.5 - I don't see the logic. If playing first is so much more valuable in 13x13, it should be even more valuable on 9x9 (which I think is absurd)

  • liso at 2002-04-24

    My stupid (10k) oppinion.

    In 13x13 corner is most important. U have not possibility to change corner to influence, because center is not so big.

    In 9x9 u can divide board efectively to 2 part so first
    move is only more influence. U cannot gain 3 corners because they are to close.

    So first move in 13x13 can “win” 3 corner and it is big advantage.

    In 19x19 corner could be balanced with influence to center…

    BTW. Chinesse pros adopted 7.5 komi for 19x19
    (info from AGA e-journal March 18, 2002 )

  • Jupp at 2003-11-24


    on www.gobase.org are 9x9 games of 9d professional players to find the correct komi. Black won with 4 points. Maybe for some of You it's fun to see professionals play on this small board. But the correct komi may vary with playing strength.

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