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ghost player is active again on my account!
  • JJX1 at 2023-05-07

    who can help me? again and again someone else is moving for
    me. i everytime Logout from the game but that’s not the solution.
    I loose several games cause of that. at least I have to delete my account and create a new one. that feels like
    sabotage. is it only a bug in the game?

  • JJX1 at 2023-05-07

    it concerns twixt.

  • JJX1 at 2023-05-07

    Sorry, I had delusions , cause this happened very often in the past . the last time was longer ago since I log out every time. I Hope That is the solution of the problem.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2023-05-08

    I also suggest you change your passwords, not just here but for your password manager if you use one, and even your PC password.

  • JJX1 at 2023-05-15


  • JJX1 at 2023-05-18

    thanks for the hint David!

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