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  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2021-08-06

    Vey early version of app is on Play Store:

  • MisterCat at 2021-08-06

    early version of app

    I'll say. Not beta. Not even alpha. LOL.

  • metzgerism at 2021-08-09

    Good to see some work being done here - I don't like the interface enough to use it over a mobile browser, but it shows promise. Would like to have the “skip game” button implemented; I haven't been able to find it.

    Honestly, the biggest thing I'd like in an app are highly customizable push notifications. I think we're all a little bit old-school here - I turn off as many notifications as possible on my phone - but I'd be more apt to play games faster with notifications that I can control, especially if I control what time of day I get notifications, for which games, maybe even for specific tournaments.

    There are some games I want to make a turn in the moment my opponent plays, there are other games I'd like to wait until my lunch break or the end of the day to take turns. Even if we can't customize by game, it'd be nice to get “your turn in games” update at specific times that I choose.

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