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Other gaming sites
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2021-07-19

    Recently, I posted pychess.org as a great place to play many different chess variants.  But I have also found some other great sites, as recently as today:

    • pychess.org
    • lichess.org for live chess
    • lidraughts.org for live checkers and variants
    • lishogi.org for full board shogi (no variants yet, beta version)
    • online-go.com is the go to site for go (OGS)
    • xiangqi.com for Chinese Chess

    For more turn based games similar to littlegolem, there is also yourturnmyturn.com

    Anyone know any other good sites to play strategy games?

  • scottsitar at 2021-07-19

    itsyourturn.com has an interesting Reversi variant called Hexversi that I like to play, as well as some good chess variants like Dark Chess.

  • Must Microchip your Cat at 2021-07-20

    Goldtoken.com has many game types with variants , tournaments, ladders, free or various levels of paid membership

  • Must Microchip your Cat at 2021-07-20

    Brainking.com has lots of chess variants

  • ypaul21 ★ at 2021-07-20

    BoardGameArena has quite a number of pure strategy games now (50+), and it fully supports turn-based play, as well as real-time ones. There’s a list of all the relevant games in this group here:


  • spartacu5 ★ at 2021-07-21

    iggamecenter.com is one of my favorites!

  • Oakmoss at 2021-07-23

    PlayOK is great for live card and abstract board games. It runs in HTML5 and has a fairly large user base for games like Xiangqi, Makruk, Backgammon, and Canasta, particularly if you're on at certain times (it's almost noon in Thailand right now and Makruk has 900+ players live)


  • mouchet patrick at 2021-07-23

    The best abstract board games selection is
    probably at MindSports.nl

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