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Time remaining > 240???
  • bob440 at 2021-05-07

    When I 1st noticed the time in this game, my opponent had remaining time left of 249 hours, which I thought was a bit odd.

    Later that day, I noticed it had gone down to 246 hours, so okay, a bit of a glitch in initializing the field.

    This morning it's up to to 254 hours and he still hasn't moved.

    What's going on?

  • bob440 at 2021-05-07

    Oops, sorry! Game id is

    Twixt PP-Size 24 :: #2238844

  • HappyHippo ★ at 2021-05-07

    Probably vacation days. When you timeout on a game it uses a vacation day (if you have some left that is) and you get +24 hours in ALL your games.

  • Oakmoss at 2021-05-07

    Yup, they're on vacation, so it's adding 24 on top of whatever they had.

    If they make a move in that game, their time will max out at 240, even if they had more than that before submitting the move.

  • bob440 at 2021-05-10

    thanks, folks – hadn't noticed that little quirk before

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