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  • lorentz at 2021-04-22

    I think many people here would benefit from and enjoy being a member of the ICGA. From a recent announcement:

    ICGA MembershipIf you have not renewed your ICGA membership or if you are not a member, please do so at once. Details can be found here. Better yet, ask your friends (and family!) to join. Help us grow our membership.

    Joining the ICGA has numerous benefits, including:

    • receive the quarterly ICGA Journal (electronically or in print);
    • enter the World Computer Chess Championships;
    • enter the Computer Olympiad;
    • contribute to and/or participate in the annual Computers and Games, or Advances in Computer Games conferences; and
    • join an international community of researchers/companies/hobbyists who have a passion for applying to AI to games.
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