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cup final group errors (bug)
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2021-01-07

    I found a strange bug on the “cup” page for all draughts tournaments.  I am posting this in the general column, because similar bugs may be possible in other games as well.  If you notice anything, please post. 

    The page I am looking at can be found quickly by  clicking “tournaments” then “draughts” then  “cup”  , or you can click here for direct link

    First, notice that all the dameo monthly cups have a “final group” blue box link, but the other two versions do not have any “final groups” (exception:  2015 international draughts had a final section in 2017)

    Also, all of the dameo “final groups” began near the end of 2020 (Sept. or Dec.).  The 2020 Final group “began” Jan. 1, 2021

    But examining the final groups, several players were not included (big bug).  

    For the 2020 Final group, the event started with zero players (should be two players)

    2019 final group: Three players, should be four.

    2018 final group:  Two players, should be five.

    2017 final group:  Four players, should be five

    2016 final group:  Two players, should be six (I was one of the lucky two)

    I also wonder why only dameo cups had a final group, and not the other two variants?

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