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New Logo or new features?
  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2020-12-03

    Is the new logo the only change happened?

  • metzgerism at 2020-12-03

    As long as there's no major overhaul to the look of the site I'm happy…this site looks like it was made 18 years ago and I love it that way.

    Maybe spruce up the mobile implementation a bit.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-12-03

    Only links to added.

  • z at 2020-12-03

    Thanks, Richard. The mobile page templates aren’t changed, are they?

  • Sighris at 2020-12-03

    You mean the “Little Golem” logo change, right? I was wondering why the little golem seemed to have a lower rez… At least that was my first thought… Well, other than that there is the switching to a “ladder system” for the infinite tournaments… and a more detailed / separated-out ranks.

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2020-12-04

    Yeah I meant Little Golem  logo on the home page and on Chrome tab.

    I know about the Ladder long time ago, I was just wondering what else has been changed with the logo, because I could not find any changes.

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2020-12-07

    I love the changelog - new logo, trmph link, nothing that breaks the fantastic LG experience. :)

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-12-07

    Added reversi 6x6, 12x12…

  • Clark94 at 2020-12-07

    Any new games or variants on the radar?

  • Dvd Avins at 2020-12-11

    I think the golem has jaundice.

  • Oakmoss at 2020-12-15

    2000s web design is the best web design. The logo looks… darker than I remember? It makes me want to drink more water.

    Thanks for the added sizes, Richard!

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