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What are infinity tournament/monthly cup?
  • Shobu at 2020-11-18

    What does the infinity tournament/monthly cup consist in? The faq entry isn’t really helpful about it

    I wanna play some Catchup 5 but it seems everyone play it on tournament matches. 

  • gi0cam at 2020-11-18

    I never played monthly, that is the tournament with the smaller participation.

    Infinity is now replaced by ladder (even if there is still the old name in many links/title), namely:

    • Max 1 challenge
    • Max 2 defense
    • Play with the same player after 14 days
    • Challenge up to CEIL)
    • If challenger won game, overtake his opponent.

    I think ladder is better than infinity, at least I can now understand what is going on...

  • David J Bush at 2020-11-18

    A better FAQ page for Little Golem can be found here.

  • Shobu at 2020-11-18

    Wow that’s quite a better FAQ indeed! :)

    Thanks for the feedback

  • VARiAtIon ImMuniTy at 2020-11-18

    yes more up to date (2020) than (2011)


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