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TRMPH is back!
  • z at 2020-10-25


    I'm the developer behind www.trmph.com which offers free game analysis tools for Slither, Hex, Havannah, Dots-and-Boxes, Connect6, and Breakthrough.

    The site had been down since Google deprecated the Go 1.9 runtime for App Engine a few months ago. I didn't get around to migrating the site (primarily because of laziness) until Florian Jamain told me that he planned to use trmph in an upcoming project which piqued my interest. Anyhow, I spent a few hours on the old code and relaunched the site today!

    There're no new features except that the site now supports TLS (https).

    Have this helps some folks here.



    P.S. Florian, now you have no excuse for procrastination :)

  • _syLph_ at 2020-10-25

    thank you very much for this!

  • HappyHippo ★ at 2020-10-25


  • Tom Ace ★ at 2020-10-25

    Thanks!  Glad to see trmph is back.

  • Andrey ★ at 2020-10-26

    Great job mr. z, nice motivating move Florian. And now we wonder what is that secret or not project.

  • eobllor at 2020-10-29

    Thanks z, it's nice to have trmph back! Now it would be even nicer if Richard put the link back in the Hex games (in addition to minortriad).

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-10-29

    While he's at it, I wish he would add a minortriad link to each Havannah game page, which never lost the trmph link. Thank you z!

  • HappyHippo ★ at 2020-10-29

    Also, any chance of supporting the new 15x15 hex?

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