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  • Christian K at 2020-08-02 is sadly down as the framework used (go 1.9) seems to be no longer supported by google.

    It was an awesome site for analyzing your hex/havannah/dots and boxes (and maybe others) games by hand and playing them out. It has helped me develop a lot as a dots and boxes payer and I would never have have won a bunch of stuff without it.

    i hope the creator is reading this and migrating to a new frameowrk, thoug it may be unlikely.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2020-08-02

    also connect 6.  Missing the analysis tool already.  

    I mentioned this to the webmaster, Richard M, this was his reply:

    "I plan rewrite some parts of littlegolem this year and add analyze window to all games."

  • Christian K at 2020-08-03

    That would be amazing

  • magicnonno at 2020-08-03

    This beats me, to the point I might quit playing hex. :(

  • Andrey at 2020-08-05

    Webmaster of the trmph is Mister z according to his profile.

  • Florian Jamain ★ at 2020-08-05

    You need to learn to play without this my friends!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-08-05

    Unfortunately Mister z seems not very active anymore on LG :(. Only a very few games unfinished...

  • Christian K at 2020-08-06

    Florian: Why? Is correspondance games it seems the point that you have time to do stuff like this. This just saved the hassle of getting out pen and paper.

    Sure, playing in real life is a different skill set where you do not have such tools available, but it for correspondance I cannot see the problem.

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