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Summary of Abstract Games League
  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2020-05-27

    It is time to make a summary of the Abstract Games League 2020.
    The AGL 2020 edition has 26 tournaments and the final play off between the best 4 players.
    After the conclusion of 10 tournaments, SOLFAREMI is confirmed at the top of the ranking with 5830 points.
    He triumphed in the tournaments of Dvonn, Lyngk, Othello, Quoridor, second place in Connect6 and third in Twixt.
    In second place is the new entry Maurizio Di Leo who with his 3495 points could endanger the domain of SOLFAREMI.
    He won the Amazons tournament, second in Lyngk and Connect6, third in Dvonn.
    In third place the confirmation of the previous year Alfredo with 1146 points.
    Another novelty in fourth place with Nagy Fathy with 1070 points, for now he has only played on Little Golem, but he could easily increase his points by playing some tournaments on the Board Game Arena.
    In the back to keep an eye on janus (fourth place in Quoridor) and GfB (third place in Othello) who are frequenters of the tournaments on the Board Game Arena.
    I remind you that to enter the official AGL 2020 ranking you must play at least three tournaments.
    Thanks to the KIBA, Little Golem and Board Game Arena sites that host the AGL tournaments.
    Updates will soon arrive regarding the end of year playoffs.
    Remember, it is never too late to enter the history of abstract games, play in the Abstract Games League.

  • ypercube ★ at 2020-05-27

    Thank you Luca for the update?

    What is the League Master and what is the difference with League 2020?

  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2020-05-29

    Hi,the AGL 2020 ranking takes into account the points earned in the 2020 tournaments.All players initially have 0 points.
    The AGL Master ranking also takes into account the points earned in the previous year’s tournaments.Points earned in a tournament are valid for 15 months from the start of the tournament.

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