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How many games do you have? In what games?
  • Diamante at 2020-05-14

    No sé mucho inglés y muchos lo sabéis pero me interesaria saber cuál es tu record de partidas jugadas al mismo tiempo.

    Y cual es tu juego favorito empiezo yo.

    EinStein würfelt nicht!    20891 partidas

    Total de juegos 30284. :)

  • KPT ★ at 2020-05-14

    Wow, that is WAY MORE that I imagined!!?! That is insane. 
    Nowdays im playing:
    EWN (which it seems to be the active game in Littlegolem)4IRAmazonsDvonn, Tzaar, and lyngk ( I suck) LoA 

  • KPT ★ at 2020-05-14

    Damn forum code...

    I said that 30k was an insane amount.

    I have 40 games ongoing , and in my best days I use to have 300-350 games.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-06-07

    My favorite game is EWN. 

    In the past I also played Havannah and Chess/Ches960, but they cost me too much time.

    I guess I had never more then 100 games at the same time.

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