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infinity games not starting?
  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2020-02-04

    It seems that in go 19x19 a new round was started approximately every month.  But no new one since and of November now. Is something stuck?

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2020-02-06

    Another infinity game has started for me now (not go 19x19 though), so infinity is definitely not entirely stuck.

  • BurstingBubbles at 2020-02-06

    At least 200 games still active so maybe too many to allow next round to be produced

    Some are 6 rounds old (only had a quick look)

  • Dvd Avins at 2020-02-08

    I’m in Chess, Chess-960, Havannah-4, and Go-9x9. About a month ago, they all started forming much more slowly.

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2020-02-08

    OK, thanks, I’ll just be more patient. :-)

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2020-02-11

    Yes, it’s the same for the toroidal go infinity tournament. It used to give me around 6 games at once, and now I’m down to 3 – of which 2 are nearly over. 

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-02-18

    Algorithm was changed. Now is start a new round when every player play one game or less (as average). Originally it was 1.5 game later 2.0 games.

  • Force majeure at 2020-02-21

    This seems too slow in my opinion.

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2020-02-22

    I also prefer the previous setting. The current one is not starting new games often enough for me. I would be happy having multiple games on at once, in the toroidal go infinity tournament. (At the moment I just have one open game, and strategically the game is already over.) 

    It’s interesting how, whatever the chosen value of the setting, players who are dragging out their lost games rather than resigning are in some way  penalising all players (by raising the average number of ongoing games). I hadn’t realised that before. 

    Maybe a different system could be used. One idea: a voting page for each infinity tournament: a new round is started after x% of the participants vote in favour of it. (It’s just an idea...) And maybe with an upper bound to the number of open rounds.

  • Force majeure at 2020-02-22

    Voting will not work, too much effort to check out the page, vote etc. - they shall start automatically. Maybe the parameter shall be more liberal, BUT each player could set his own cap on number of his games?

  • BurstingBubbles at 2020-02-22

    maybe one game or less left for non members


    two games or less for members

  • Sighris at 2020-02-25

    I think I asked about this once long ago: that is, “what determines when we get new games?”... I thought it was just a new game was started ever so often, for example a new game every 40 days or something like that. I have usually had 2-4 Infinite Toroidal-Go games going at the same time, like one a few moves in, one about 1/2 way done, and one almost done – with some variation depending on how the games go and how quickly plays are made... Anyway, right now I’m like Malcolm Schonfield  (At the moment I just have one open game, and strategically the game is already over... because I’m getting my butt kicked by cloudbank!)  because I just resigned my game against him/Malcolm, who also kicked my butt!!! It sucks to be me this week. ;-) 

  • Sighris at 2020-02-25

    Anyway, I think a slower reload rate is preferred... those who want to play more games can always send out invites... I prefer quality games over quantity.   :) 


  • Sighris at 2020-02-25

    So Richard Malaschitz at 2020-02-18 wrote: "Algorithm was changed. Now is start a new round when every player play one game or less (as average). Originally it was 1.5 game later 2.0 games." - So for those who want to play more (&/or bigger) games, can I ask that an infinite 13x13 Toroidal-Go Tournament be started??? .... & maybe other games could do a similar thing? 

  • Force majeure at 2020-03-10

    Has the algorithm been changed recently?

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