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How does "SON" work.
  • Clark94 at 2020-01-20

    So I’m in a championship for amazons. I have won 7 of the 8 matchups.  One is still undecided but i think that I’m going to lose that one, I believe “SON” is the tiebreaker if the points are the same. How exactly is SON calculated?

  • Clark94 at 2020-01-20

    Accidentally posted too soon. Here is a link to the championship. My fear was that if 5466 won the remainder of his games and we each had 14 points, who would win?

  • Soggy China at 2020-01-20

    you get sum of points of players you win against, at LG you get twice for wins, and once for draws

  • ypercube ★ at 2020-01-21

    If 5466 beats gamesorry and gamesorry beats you and all other games, it will be a 3 place tie, Son included.If 5466 beats gamesorry and he beats you but not all other games, it will be a tie between you and 5466 but you get 1st place due to Son. 

  • Clark94 at 2020-01-21

    Thanks for the swift replies. This certainly helps!

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