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Abstract Games magazine: relaunch & back issues
  • David Ploog ★ at 2019-10-28

    Abstract Games was a magazine published by Kerry Handscomb from 2000 until 2003 with quarterly issues (so 16 issues altogether).

    He and his team have relaunched the magazine, and AGM 17 is now online! Moreover, all previous editions are available in full resolution. If you play on LittleGolem, then many of their articles may be interesting to you.

    The link:  www.abstractgames.org

  • mmKALLL at 2019-10-28

    This is fantastic! Thank you very much for sharing AGM with us, it’s a pleasure to read through. :)

  • Soggy China at 2019-10-28

    I would guess they have an AGM at AGM once a year!

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