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Respond to a message
  • eobllor ★ at 2019-10-19


    When I click on ‘Respond to [...]’ to answer to a message from another player, if the title contains character ‘#’ it does not work: the url of the response is not correctly interpreted (the character should be escaped somehow). More precisely, e.g., url ‘ #xxx&plto=yyy’ does not contain the player nor the end of the title (only interpreted up to ‘RE:Game ’).

  • jakubiszon at 2019-10-25

    The part of the URL after the # character is not sent to server. So you are correct that from this url:

    " #xxx&plto=yyy"

    The server only sees:

    " "

    What you could do to send your message is replace the # with “%23” and the “&” with “&” :

    " %23xxx&plto=yyy"

    But of course this is something the developer of this site should address.

  • jakubiszon at 2019-10-25

    Aaah, so the “&” in your URL was correct, just not quoted right here on the forum. That is another problem for the devs :D when we write the ampersand in the message text it should display as an ampersand after we post the message.

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