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get no Email for new password
  • Jonny at 2018-12-15

    hello, i changed my Mail adress in my contact infos and automaticly i get a new password, but i get no Mail with the new Password. Someone else with the same problem or how i can manage it? (Its my secound account here)

  • Sweaty Snooker Balls at 2018-12-15

    check spam

  • Jonny at 2018-12-16

    i have no spam ordner

  • Sweaty Snooker Balls at 2019-02-07

    Check all mail

  • David Ploog ★ at 2019-02-08

    This is an actual problem, not related to spam at all. I had to persevere through many email accounts until I could finally register at LG.

  • David Ploog ★ at 2019-02-08

    To give more details: the following email providers did not work:, (two large, standard free email providers),, (two German university mail providers)

    What did work for me was The problem is not about spam. Naturally, I checked all of the spam folders right away. I think that the LittleGolem emails do not get sent out in some cases.

    This is an actual problem because I am sure that LG misses players who just give up after trying once or twice. If the issue cannot be found (or is too hard to fix), the registration process should at least state that some emails may not work, and indicate some that do work.

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