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  • Petr Bohacek at 2002-03-26

    Are the ratings updated automaticly when I win some matches?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2002-03-26

    Of course. Immediately after game, you get message with new rating.

  • Petr Bohacek at 2002-04-29

    How many games I need to win to get higher rating? I have 20. kyu and I have won the game with 19.kyu but my rating is still 20. kyu and 19.kyu has still the same rating. It is quite strange when lower kyu beats higher and the higher has still the same rating. Are there some rules where I can find an answer?

  • Hjallti at 2002-04-30

    you're rating has changed, but not enough to change your kyu. Rio uses the same algorithm as with chess, but rescales the result to a kyu score (I guess) therefor in his database you change a little (for instance to 19.8 kyu) and then on the site you see the rounded up score of 20 kyu. Eventually it will change if you keep winning.

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