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where am I?
  • celticjim at 2014-07-07

    in this infinity tournament I have 10 points showing and at least a couple more wins that aren’t showing (I’m almost sure) yet I’m not listed on the scoring bracket.Can anyone enlighten me why not? Go raith ma agut

  • William Fraser at 2014-07-08

    What that usually means is that you left the tournament i.e. clicked on the “Remove me” button on this page:

    or the “Remove me” button for Amazons about two thirds of the way down the general tournaments page:

    In any case, I assume that registering at either of those places should restore you to your former place.  However, the Infinity rounds haven’t been starting lately, due to a problem with the server, so you might not be placed into that list for a while.  (I notice that only the top 22 players are shown — it could be that the other 7 players haven’t started a round, yet.)  For more information on this server problem, see this thread:

  • celticjim at 2014-07-10

    thanks William-I may indeed have removed myself at some stage

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