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championship level question
  • celticjim at 2012-10-30

    I am currently playing busybee who has not completed a game yet but is level 3 while I have completed over 100 games and won many tournaments but am level 2.How is this possible? thanks

  • Knyx at 2012-10-30

    Your game with busybee is part of this tournament:, which is a monthly cup, not a championship, and therefore your champion level (and how many games you have played, or won) is irrelevant. More information can be found in the FAQ (link on the left).

  • Marius Halsor at 2012-10-30

    Your championship level tells which league you belong to in the championship. Level 1 means you’re in league 1, level 2 means you’re in league 2 and so on. Thus, level 1 is the “best” level, and your observations simply means that you play in 2nd league in the championship, while busybee plays in the 3rd league.

  • celticjim at 2012-10-30

    thanks Knyx and Marius

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