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Bug...5 queens against 3
  • Michael Engels at 2004-09-08

    Well, in this game,
    something strange happened. I am black and made move 16. A few hours later it was my turn again, but my opponent didn’t do anything (he told me he was trying to make a move but something screwed up).

    I tried to reach the webmaster, but as nothing happened and my time was going slowly down, i was getting curious what happens if I make another move. Well, this wasn’t something i expected ;)

    If anyone with access to the database reads this, can you please fix it up? Move 16 was the last regular move and it is bennoks turn. Thanks.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-09-13

    So what’s happening now? Can white only click on black queens and convert them to white and vice versa??

  • Michael Engels at 2004-09-13

    No. White moves white queens and converts them to black and black moves black queens and makes them white. We are currently “replaying” this game to see who must resign in this rt-game :)

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