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Implicitly ended games
  • japit at 2003-12-30

    I am surprised noticing that certain players continue to play while territories are closed and while there is not any more to hope to win of squares on both sides. These players who are losing because their territories are smaller continue, however , to play instead of resigning itself.
    How to explain this behavior? Would there be anything that escape me in the understanding of this game?
    It is not moreover specific in Amazons’s game: I have already noticed it in the game of Go.

  • Evan Daniel at 2004-01-03

    I think some people don’t think of the game as “done” until the victory condition has been met. In reasonably close games, I like to play out the endgame, much like I do in Go, but I see no reason to continue play after the walls have been sealed. Both players can count, and as long as there are no defective territories involved, there is no reason not to resign once the game is done that I can see.

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