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Twixtbot (a)
  • MisterCat at 2019-11-19

    Regarding the TWIXT BOT, I have some comments which I will organize in separate threads.a) Twixtbot playing in tournamentsb) Twixtbot juniorc) Using Twixtbot for analysisd) Cheating in Twixte) How Bony Jordan can make money from this
    a) Twixtbot playing in tournaments.Hairspring’s recent post – is playing Twixtbot a waste of time?  Well, I can understand the thinking here.  Twixtbot WILL win, and having faced this monster twice, I can attest – your loss can be a bit demoralizing.  I say this because you might think that you have an advantageous position; maybe even a winning one, and then the bot makes moves that are completely unanticipated, flipping the game result in it’s favor.  It IS an ‘experience’, though – personally I think that everyone SHOULD give it a try.  While it is questionable as to how much you can really ‘learn’ in terms of useful strategy from the games (see topic c, below), I believe that it can broaden one’s appreciation as to how profound this game can really be.Look at Twixtbot’s recent history – several players have played game after game after game; a few dozen is not uncommon.  Even after all those losses, they keep playing – maybe in the hope of scoring that elusive win, or perhaps hoping to glean some new elements of strategy.  The games are free, it doesn’t really ‘hurt’ to lose, so I say – GO FOR IT!  (I think some comments here, by those players, would be apropos.)I expected the bot’s recent victory in the championship, and I am anticipating another victory in the current one.  You know what I’d LOVE to see?  How about the return of previous champions – you know, like Sam Dakota, Thierry Pertuy, Alan Hensel, Maciej Celuch, spd_iv, Florian Jamain, Dan Mircea Vasilescu and of course David Bush and passenger; perhaps joined by a few of the current top players.  This would be a ‘tournament of champions’, like the game show ‘Jeopardy’ will be featuring in January (GO KEN JENNINGS!).  The games will be so exciting to watch!  Of course, Twixtbot will win again, but cheer up: accolades will be deserved by the player who finishes in 2nd place!I’d love for this to happen.  However, here I am inclined to agree that perhaps Twixtbot SHOULD eventually retire from the tournaments.  After all – Chess software no longer plays in ‘human’ tournaments – as everyone agrees: what would be the point?  Programs like Stockfish and Leela Zero out rate Magnus Carlsen by some 400 points.  The top grandmasters don’t bother playing games against software; rather, they use it as a tool for analysis.  This, indeed, can prove useful in Chess; maybe someday, it will prove useful here, in Twixt.  Don’t go away, Twixtbot!  Just stop stealing away those championship titles!Twixtbot has already dominated the monthly cups (and retired) and Infinity (and retired).  Retiring from the championship eventually is probably best; after all, we humans ENJOY the satisfaction of seeing our name on the winners' list every now and then!

  • DrJochum ★ at 2019-12-03

    Twixtbot should retire some time!
    But at the moment it is so inspiring to watch! If I had more time I would like to play against it.
    And right: I also would like to see some of the really strong player fight against the Twixtbot!

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