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Not the way I wanted it to happen
  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-11-04

    Maciej just lost a couple of 30x30 games to me, and to another player just now, because he never made a move.

    It looks like he will lose two more as well. This is not how I wanted to cross 2500.

    So, if you resign on the first move, you don’t lose points, but if you run out of time then you do? Why would that be the case?

    I hope he’s okay!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-11-04

    Thanks to hypercube for explaining that this is probably done as an incentive to make moves, even a resign move.

  • Florian Jamain at 2018-11-04

    That’s bad... 

  • ypercube at 2018-11-05

    He resigned in my game, a few hours ago so I assume he has read the messages – or logged in and saw the drop in his ratings.

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