TWIXT5 an idea for a variant TWIXT PP

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TWIXT5 an idea for a variant
  • The_Burglar at 2017-11-27

    all sticks (joins) are 5 long, so they form a 3x4x5 right angle triangle these stay in place,

    but only one stick can be placed straight,

    also each turn the straight stick can be removed and replayed

  • The_Burglar at 2017-11-27

    p.s. don’t rename it as TWIXT Pythagorean Prime ....... that would be most confusing

  • mtbikesman at 2017-11-27

    Back in the 70’s we would play a game on a 36 × 36 board and had a few super moves that could only be played once in a game.  2x2 and 3x1 for example.  Or the “iron bullet” move where you could replace a stand alone peg with your own. 

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