startin' to look like a weird, monthly cup TWIXT PP

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startin' to look like a weird, monthly cup
  • MisterCat at 2017-07-05

    a strange group forming; should be quite competitive; I hope beginners stay away.

    bikesman should stay out; also, passenger; I personally would recommend Cosimo, Ray Garrison, and maybe Christian CK, but what do I know?  I will stay away from this one.  Not really any of my business, anyway, but that’s a free site forum for you!


  • purgency at 2017-07-05

    Having joined that monthly cup before you wrote this, I feel slightly confused.

  • Loony at 2017-07-05

    Alright, not joining this one then.

  • MisterCat at 2017-07-06

    OK, I shall explain.  We have 4 strong players now, but not the usual cast of characters, I hate seeing forfeits, but that is always a risk with August; thus, no bikes and no beginners; purge spends most of his time at Dots, so unusual for him to visit; thus my suggestion of Ray, who only recently returned to the fold; Yperc generally seen in championship and infinity; same with frenchy. And actually Loon, I think you would cap this off quite nicely; so would, for example, Bighurt; can’t list everybody!

  • Letstry_Laurent at 2017-07-06

    Wow, maybe I should leave ?

    Lot of ranking points to loose...


  • MisterCat at 2017-07-06

    Stay, Mr. Frenchman; all these guys want a piece of you, but YOU’LL SHOW THEM!


  • Letstry_Laurent at 2017-07-07

    We miss one catman. Join... :-)

  • MisterCat at 2017-07-07

    thanks so much for your suggestion; many worthwhile players available, besides those named; Loic, Fleming, Bharat, etc. I would go 0 for 4, and just not in the mood, so will stick with spectating; wait long enough and cup will start with 4. (meow)

  • Ray Garrison at 2017-07-08

    okay, I am in....

  • MisterCat at 2017-07-08



  • mtbikesman at 2017-08-11

    I only like to play people I can beat. 

  • spartacu5 at 2017-08-12

    Why would anybody be telling another user to stay out of a monthly cup?

  • MisterCat at 2017-10-17

    well, who would have thunk??  I sure hope that this monthly cup, ENGINEERED BY YOURS TRULY, has been entertaining for the participants.  I enjoyed following the games.  And I know that Purgency thinks that he doesn’t really like me – that is his right – but yo':  IT’S ONLY A GAME!  (ha, ha, ha, ha, ...)


  • MisterCat at 2017-10-17

    my last post here seems to have been edited (?!?), but that is cool.  My congratulations to all participants, and my thanks for interesting games for me to follow.


  • purgency at 2017-10-18

    It was fun, I enjoyed all 4 games. Thank you all for the games and – most of all – thank you all for those delicious rating points, I have never been high but I imagine it’s kinda like how I felt when I beat those higher rated players. Mmmmmmmmmh.

    Also, I’m cool with you. That sentence still kinda triggers me, especially since there is no context this time around, but you will have to try harder if you want me to not like you. For now it’s the opposite :)

  • MisterCat at 2017-10-18

    your reward – a face off against the last two championship winners!


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