Who would like larger boards for hex? Hex, Havannah

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Who would like larger boards for hex?
  • lazyplayer at 2019-02-02

    I’ve been experimenting with 19x19 and I’m liking it very much.

    Why no add 27x27 and 39x39? The numbers are obtained in this way:

    sqrt(2*13^2) = 18.3 -> 19x19

    sqrt(2*19^2) = 26.87 -> 27x27

    sqrt(2*27^2) = 38.18 -> 39x39

    Same topic covered here: https://senseis.xmp.net/?InterestingBoardSizes

    11x11 doesn’t fit this pattern but it’s simply a traditional board size.

    Who likes this idea?

    Larger board would also allow us to use some handicaps, so everyone can play with everyone.

  • lazyplayer at 2019-02-02

    The only difficulty is that to visualize the board, it could be hard. Well, I think the players can learn to use zoom feature of the browser.

  • HappyHippo at 2019-02-02

    I’d rather an intermediate board, I think 15x15 would be a great size.

  • lazyplayer at 2019-02-02

    That too. The more, the better.

  • varegka at 2019-02-02

    Mi ideatas la ideon de granda Tabulo.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2019-02-04

    I would rather go step by step, that is, 23x23 first.

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