Game 2033215 Simple vs Leela Hex, Havannah

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Game 2033215 Simple vs Leela
  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2019-01-14

    Another beautifully instructive game by Leela. At move 18, H5 would be very strong, through on the left and almost through on the right but Leela plays the seemingly innocuous move 18.G8 but now H5 is through on both the left and right and she plays 20.H5.  Again delayed gratification !

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2019-01-14

     Looking back,  16.F2 set up H5 to be through on the Left, so Simple’s losing move was to play 15.E11 when he needed to play F2.

  • simpledeep at 2019-01-14

    yeas that was awful on my part. One of those situations where i’m about to fall asleep and i suddenly realize i needed to make a move. I should have at least just played the standard move at f2. I honestly can’t even remember what i was thinking at the time. I must have been so tired, and moved so fast that i just didnt notice that she went back to finish the top left :(

  • lazyplayer at 2019-01-14

    14 e1 is really spectacular.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2019-01-14

    To be honest the key moment of this game is #9 before which there is a pretty much balanced position. White j1 probably wins, but then I don’t trust none of next white 3 moves so black may have a “to play and win” position.

    After 13.f9 it’s pretty much clear to me that white win, but the error is 9.g7.

    Black has to react accordingly to j8, but I have no clue how (I’ve not even analysed so far).

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