hexy.games - real time hex and havannah gameplay Hex, Havannah

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hexy.games - real time hex and havannah gameplay
  • struggler at 2018-12-29


    A little bit too late for a Christmas gift but I’d like to present to you hexy.games website (https://hexy.games/) where you can play hex and havannah, live and for free. It’s just been created so may be a a little empty at the moment but hopefully will get busy in the near future :)

    I believe everything should be intuitive there but if not, don’t hesitate to write it here, on hexy.games forum, or in a private message.


  • struggler at 2018-12-29

    PS There is also a Facebook page for this project - https://www.facebook.com/hexy.games/ - give it a like if you want to be up to date ;)

  • Force majeure at 2018-12-29

    Seems like a good idea! Interface looks cool, especially given the fact that the page has just started. Hex and havannah deserve a place with decent traffic

  • Force majeure at 2019-01-02

    Is There someone willing to play some small tournament? Arek, Lazy? :)

  • lguser at 2019-01-02

    i like that board sizes go up to 26, maybe a 26 tourney would be cool?

  • ypercube at 2019-01-02

    Link: https://hexy.games/

  • lguser at 2019-01-02

    In order to help build a community around this site and to foster open talk about the games it has, I made this discord server: https://discord.gg/wjcSFtk

  • lguser at 2019-01-02


  • struggler at 2019-01-03

    @Force majeure, thanks for your initiative :)

    @Iguser, thank you as well, I joined the server, however, I’m not sure whether creating another channel of communication is a good idea. Because currently we have this LG forum, potentially also forum at hexy.games and now also your discord server. So it may become messy in some near future. What do others think?

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-03

    I created a hex game on your server, but it is an hexagonal board, is this a hoax?

    Hexagonal boards are fine to play NECNON from Richard Moxham though (we just need to implement playing one move for first player, then two if possible ;)

  • struggler at 2019-01-03

    Carroll, you had to create a havannah board :) or maybe you created a hex board but ignored (didn’t notice) your browser warning that a popup window was blocked and entered a havannah board that someone else had created.

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-03

    Yes thanks for your answer, it must be that !

    I just created an hex board size 26, sat and sent a message. It then disappeared from the lobby, can you only sit and send message when there is a second player?

  • struggler at 2019-01-03

    Hey, Carroll, of course not, that would be silly :)

    In the logs I see the error that you encountered. The reason was that you specified “illegal” time settings, i.e. 100 minutes, while maximum allowed value is 99 (and actually some browsers, e.g. Firefox, would display a red frame in that case, signalizing that something is not ok). As a result the servered stopped processing your requests (actually you were kicked out of the server). Naturally, it was my fault that I didn’t work it out more gracefully... So let me apologize you for that and thank you for letting me know about this. I’ll fix that at the earliest opportunity.

  • Christian K at 2019-01-09

    I would love to play but no one seems to be there.

    it must be one of the hard things about creating something like this.

  • Force majeure at 2019-01-09

    Christian, it’s like vicious circle – the hardest part is to find first active users. I think that we could use this forum to enhance some traffic on hexy games

  • mmKALLL at 2019-01-09

    I like the idea of a discord server chat as the primary discussion place, it seems like a great way to encourage interaction between players. Seems like a nice concept, good luck!

    (by the way, is the service open source?) 

  • ypercube at 2019-01-09

    struggler announces:

    On upcoming Sunday (13.01.2019) at 20:00 UTC there will be the first hex tournament. Feel free to drop by.


  • struggler at 2019-01-09

    I’m glad that there are people willing to play :D
    Christian K -Yes, currently it’s hard to find an opponent there but I believe it will change soon. And yes, it’s pretty difficult to create “something like this”, ie. new server, community etc., but I perceive it more as a challenge. We will see how it goes.
    mmKALL – the service is free and open to everyone but the code itself is not open source, I’ve not published it anywhere (at least yet).
    And ypercube has outrun me – indeed, on Sunday the first hex tournament is going to take place on hexy games. I’ve already sent a message to a bunch of hex players and a few announced to be there so I’m very curious what the final frequency will be :D

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