Real time hex sites? Hex, Havannah

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Real time hex sites?
  • Christian K at 2018-11-29

    I love playing hex here, but I would really like to play it in realtime. Are any good sites available?

  • Galdian at 2018-11-29 (hex is on the right side of the page, outside of the main menu)

  • HappyHippo at 2018-11-29

    There are also players at iggamecenter sometimes

  • struggler at 2018-11-29

    I’m creating a new website that will be focused on hex and havannah live gameplay. Stay tuned :)

  • David J Bush at 2018-11-29

    There is also Ludoteka with one minute Hex tourneys on Wednesdays, and Havannah tournaments on Fridays.

    Board Game Arena has both realtime and turn based formats available. It’s a popular server with loads of games. If you hang out long enough you will usually snag an opponent. If you have your speakers turned on, you could set up a board on all four of these servers (including Game Center and Playok) and wait to hear the distinct sound effect for each server. All these servers have the pie rule (swap rule) as an option.

    I recall a Hungarian server which offered Hex, but they called it “Hid” with an accent over the i. The swap option was messed up; a black token got replaced by a white token in the same cell. The rating system looked like Elo but the players would wager rating points. Not recommended even if you can find it.


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