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Hex back on the Kurnik?
  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-03

    Hi! To my surprise, today i received email from admin of polish site online games – Kurnik (english: www.playok.com).

    He asked if I’m further interested and if I could collect players. So it’s two question for you – who is willing to play sometimes on this site? And who could promote possible hex back on the Kurnik?

  • ypercube at 2017-12-03

    Will they promise to not remove Hex again, say for the next 20 years?

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-03

    I hope we can play there for the next 20 years :)

  • ypercube at 2017-12-03

    Hope? I was thinking of something more.

    The email you got sounds like a lame apology to me (“We were an ass, sorry to have kicked you out. Will you come back, please?”)

  • Lukasz S. at 2017-12-03

    I also got the message – I’m in.

    I’ll promote it amongst my friends who used to play there.

  • Lukasz S. at 2017-12-03

    @ypercube it’s probably because me and other people were constantly asking about bringing back the game to kurnik.pl and admin hopes the attendance will be bigger than it used to be.

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-03

    Yper, let’s start that we don’t have a site to play hex online  (at least popular and playable). According to my information, hex has been removed due to small number of players and bad bahavior of some players.  Maybe they also decided that is doesn’t pay them off? I don’t think we should be offended but just gather together again

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-03

    Lukasz S. I also wrote about bringing back few times. I think that we should try to mobilize and be happy that we have where to play in real time.

  • lazyplayer at 2017-12-03

    I’m in too :)

  • psikonauta at 2017-12-03

    Great news! I’d like to play more real-time Hex and there’s not many people on BGA. I’m in too.

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-03

    Breaking news my friends ;) You can try:  https://www.kurnik.pl/hex (english: https://www.playok.com/en/hex). Game is available, you can try and send your feedback. Game isn’t yet announced on the main page, but will be among less popular games like blogpoly, lines, mill, paper soccer

  • simpledeep ★ at 2017-12-03

    I’m absolutely in! Lazy, Arek and I have been trying to support “real-time” Hex matches on IGGC for the last few years. And i’ll occasionally get on BGA as well (where i’ve actually gotten a few matches with Maciej interestingly enough). We’ve never been able to get those communities to the point where its possible to get matches with any regularity though. I’ve done some of the weekly tournaments on ludoteka, but it’s very rare for other strong player’s to show up, and it didn’t feel right to beat up on casuals.

    If we can get enough of a community on Kurnik to make regular training possible it would totally be worth the effort! That said, you guys should still come by IGGC every once in a while because the “rewind” function is good for analysis.

  • David J Bush at 2017-12-03

    It’s the admin’s site. He gets to do what he wants, offer Hex or stop offering Hex. Last I checked, this service was free to the public. If he offers Hex for 20 years or for 2 months, I would be grateful. Will there be automated tournaments again?

    By the way, there are automated tournaments on Ludoteka already.

  • olympiq at 2017-12-03

    The game is now back on the PlayOK main page. Hopefully the other several games that were removed will pop up one after the other also. This was great news for the Hex community. If you want to analyze Hex games just visit a desired player’s profile and there click on the games button to find all the games in replay move-by-move. This is great not only for analysis but also for finding possible programs and fake accounts.

  • David J Bush at 2017-12-03

    For me, on Playok, sometimes the swap button works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-04

    I just wrote about it to the website administrator

  • psikonauta at 2017-12-04

    You have to activate swap option before starting a game.

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-04

    Probably the issue is that you zooming the screen

  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2017-12-05

    Size 13x13 is available

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