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  • morphles at 2015-12-03

    While I’m not colour blind, I often have trouble (read need some time) to distinguish similar shades, and the pink and light green used in TZARR seem qutie close to me. I think it would be nice if they could be made more distinct. Even if it would look more jaring, understing board position should become simpler, at least to peaople like me :). Alternatively pieces could be inverted maybe, black and white as dot and border, and having larger area for type of piece. Or just use sharp colours like in hex, adding green for third type :).

    Possibly I’m not the only one with such problem.

  • morphles at 2015-12-03

    Ok disregard that... Ther is colour scheme, grayscale has much better contrast. :) MIssed the button. Thanks.

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