it's not even a four-letter word Game of Empathy

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it's not even a four-letter word
  • Tom Ace at 2013-03-06

    Empathy decines to accept the word “sex”, even when the topic is “hormones”. Forgive me if this is old news; I never noticed before.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-03-06

    He was probably banned because it was used in almost every topic.

  • MarleysGhost at 2013-03-06

    The old rule of thumb was “When in doubt, use 'sex' as an answer”, but then the players started having doubts about every topic.

  • slaapgraag at 2013-03-07

    yeah, no matter what the topic was, ‘sex’ was a top answer. Now I think it was right to ban that as an answer. Tom, another old discussion: NEVER discuss an ongoiing game. Wait three days to say anything about an ongoiing game... (Try to find a thread about ‘the blue eyes problem’;-) )

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2013-11-17

    what are blue eyes-elaborate please-just curious

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