Breast sizes? Seriously? Game of Empathy

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Breast sizes? Seriously?
  • MrMoto at 2009-08-02

    I can understand one person submitting ‘breast sizes’ as a juvenile suggestion, but shame on everyone who voted for it! Can we not keep this game family friendly?

  • Robert Irvin at 2009-08-02

    Children love breasts...

  • Robert Irvin at 2009-08-02

    Sorry, I didn’t realize it was the current topic or I wouldn’t have replied. My apologies to everyone.

  • blargdragon at 2009-08-03

    Since when is breast size automatically a sexual topic? From another angle, since when does the game, or the site, claim to be family friendly?

  • wccanard at 2009-08-03

    Let’s not open that can of worms again :-)

  • Thierry Wasserman at 2009-08-03

    Hate this topic... But family friendly? Why?

  • slaapgraag at 2009-08-03

    Hey’i’m always glad when a topic i suggested is chosen (sorry MrMoto, but as you stated: it seems to be popular...)

  • slaapgraag at 2009-08-06

    But Mrmoto, for your piece of mind – i always play very very bad at my own topics...

  • ypercube at 2009-08-06

    I seriously prefer breast in any size to any bible book ...
    (just to tease a few)

  • Hjallti ★ at 2009-08-06

    Well some passages of the latter involve the former anyway... I don’t know the hebrew or english title of ‘hooglied’ (litterary: High Song), but it would get a +18 quotation if they would make a movie out of it :-)

  • blargdragon at 2009-08-07

    Now people are going to assume I was biased in favor of the topic because I thought I’d get the highest score. And get the highest score I did.

    So much for neutrality!

  • MrMoto at 2009-08-15

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for breasts of various sizes, but it just seems that there are better themes out there (if you want breasts, why not “breast shapes”, for example?).

    By the way, I had assumed the game should be family friendly because it is listed under “word and family games” in the list.

  • blargdragon at 2009-08-15

    "it is listed under “word and family games” in the list."

    So it is. Well, I can still get technical and say that that categorizes it as either a word or a family game, but not necessarily both. =P

    Indeed, there probably are better categories, but going for not-so-optimal categories mixes things up, I think. I’d be all for ‘breast shapes’, too, but maybe after a few more topics have come to pass.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2010-01-20

    best mammilary quote recently,from the golden globe awards,was from bette midler-"I’ll show ya a couple of golden"

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2010-01-20

    but seriously,a little adult double entendre,ok,a little humour,but we must be responsible at least enough to consider who might be reading this.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2013-12-30

    well I see that at lease we are keeping abreast of things here.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2014-05-16

    it’s a wonder then that no one suggested as a topic"nipples".
    because without nipples,breasts are pointless.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2014-05-16

    ok..I think we have “milked” this breast subject for as much as we “udderly” “can”.

  • ypercube at 2014-05-16

    haha, I’ve never seen such a good use of the word “pointless”.

  • Ray Garrison at 2014-05-16

    Clever Hunk, I think there is always more to squeeze....

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2014-05-20

    gee ray,do we have to “grop” for every last titter..oops I mean twitter

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2014-05-21

    this whole breast topic has engorged into a ponderous thread that has burst forth freely from its confinement..ok ok enough


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