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Complete List (last 7 games)
  • mongoose at 2007-06-10
    This page also allows you to see where you rank among others from your country.

  • Judy at 2007-06-11

    I am tied for 5th for the USA.

  • Thierry Wasserman at 2007-06-11

    Ooooh... I’m first among Israelis :-P

  • Thierry Wasserman at 2007-06-11

    Oh, and number 11th, Andrew Heath, is there with only 6 games putting him first if he keeps that average. Good going.

  • Judy at 2007-06-11

    I think my new goal is to play against other USA members,
    and when I am tops in this country, I will work on the rest of the world. :-)

  • Karen_R at 2007-06-11

    USA WEST VA HERE jUDY :O))))))))

  • KPT at 2007-06-11

    i note that point too thierry (andrew)

    yes judy ...i do that the chileanpeople :)

  • KPT at 2007-06-11


    now we dont have to burn our brain making tables. (chile)

  • ypercube at 2007-06-12

    thnx mongoose for the nice table

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2007-06-12

    Very nice mongoose, thanks!

  • Bill Collins at 2007-06-12


  • Paavo Pirinen at 2007-06-12


  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-06-12

    And it’s even correct, not only for the first 10!
    Really Good Job, mongoose!

    Number of games (1..7) is nice additional information as well.

    You could do a web app reading the past x games pages via “...egameid=” on the fly. Then we’re not stuck to the fixed “last 7” period.
    (Just in case you’re looking for more challenges and admiration ;-)

  • KPT at 2007-06-12

    and if u have more time

    u can make a "RANKING BY COUNTRIES"

    taking the number of victories by country
    (counting 1 point per game No 1 point per people winner on the game)
    ej: if there are 5USA winners,1CHI winner , 2NET winners and 2FIN winners
    is 1 point to each country ...not 5 or 2.

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2007-06-13

    Waw! Now, I just saw the “top 3 by country” also. Very nice! So, Brazil is currently ranked 23rd! :)

  • ypercube at 2007-06-13

    And Aruba has a flag, too :)

    Great job, mongoose !

  • furbolero at 2007-06-13

    yeeeeehah! :D

  • KPT at 2007-06-17

    Finland is upping on the countries rank.
    agggg i want the first place
    for first time!!!

    congrats fatphil for been in the top ten with only 6 games:|

    (i have never seen...a player with 6 on the topten)

  • KPT at 2007-06-26

    Chile on the first place
    on the countries rank

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2007-06-27

    Congratulations Chile!!! And Brazil is on 14th place, yeah! ;)

  • KPT at 2007-06-29

    great job mongoose

    (we have “most 7days titles”)

  • KPT at 2007-07-12

    Top ten players. (by frequency or successly)
    i count only player with more that 100 games.

    place/Player/Total(toptenplaces)/Frequency(succesly)/Games Played/LongestStreak
    1 Paavo Pirinen 85(44.7%=) 190 11
    2 Ed Collins 59 (38.8%) 152 6
    3 Pawel Grabowski 49 (33.6%) 146 5
    4 Jaakko Pirinen 32 (31.1%) 103 5
    5 passenger 56 (30.3%) 185 4
    6 Robin 34 (29.6%) 115 3
    7 klaashaas 52 (28.3%) 184 5
    8 Dustin 45 (27.3%) 165 3
    9 anwi 49 (24.0%) 204 3
    10 euhuang 32 (23.0%) 139 3

  • mongoose at 2007-07-12

    Unfortunately, by only considering those who have played 100 or more games, a clearly successful player will get overlooked. (what if you lower it to 50?)

    Having finished in the top-10 37 times, Art Duval has surpassed Jaakko, euhuang, and Robin. Even more impressive is the fact that he achieved it before his 80th game.

    Congrats to Art!

  • KPT at 2007-07-12

    i can imagine a lot of ways to make a topten.

  • Art Duval at 2007-07-12

    thanks, mongoose!

  • Bill Collins at 2007-07-12

    Looks like the all time best list, but where is Thierry? and me! LOL

  • KPT at 2007-07-12

    hey just ONE point of view.

    is the effectivity of the games.
    (only players with more that 100 games)

    come on...i want to see other ranking! any?

  • Art Duval at 2007-07-13

    To follow up on mongoose: mongoose also has an impressive number of top-10 finishes in a short amount of time: 33/46. This is easily the highest percentage of top-10 finishes, until you get down to folks who have only played 3 times or less. mongoose also has the 2nd longest streak of top-10 finishes, 8, after Paavo’s 11.

    Bill: Again, looking at the “Top-10 Finishes chart” (from the link at the top of this forum), you are just right behind me, with 36 total top-10 finishes, 9th best overall.

    As kpato says, there’s lots of ways one could measure success. I personally like the top-10 finishes, because that plays to my strength. I’m much lower ranked in “individual wins”, where Bill is much higher, 5th place overall with 10 individual wins.

  • slaapgraag at 2007-07-13

    Strange, my best position in the last 7 games is 17th. my overall position in the last 7 games is 16th...

  • Bill Collins at 2007-07-13

    Thanks Art!!!

  • Bill Collins at 2007-07-13

    I have been working out of town lately and can only play 1 game a week, sometimes 2. So at that rate I’ll never make the weekly top ten. Yet two out of the last 3 games I’ve played I tied for first!

  • slaapgraag at 2007-07-16

    even stranger: now with 'movies’i have my 2nd top-10 score and overall i drop to 19....

  • Pawel Grabowski at 2007-07-16

    I have a question: In country wins list Poland had 32 wins. When I checked polish players individual wins the sum was 36. Where is mistake?

  • mongoose at 2007-07-16

    Among other threads, the list was originally defined by kpato in Wins
    by country
    . A country can accumulate at most 1 win per game. Poland has placed 1st in 32 of the 210 games played so far.

  • Pawel Grabowski at 2007-07-16

    ok :) that makes sense. Thanks for explanation :)

  • KPT at 2007-07-17

    what is GOLF SCORECARD?

  • mongoose at 2007-07-17
    The golf scorecard highlights the dedicated players that have participated in all of the last 18 games. Instead of total points, the score is based on summing the places a player has achieved, making lower scores better.

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-07-18

    Great !
    Even showing the topic as tooltip text.
    I understand the highlighted fields are the top 10 positions.

    Summing the positions is better than summing the scores, which would highly overrate “countries with P” type games.
    However, difference between position 61 and 63 counts as much as difference between 1 and 3. (a Polish president would propose a sqare root weighting algorithm)

    Unfortunately, I do not even manage to join all of the last 7

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-07-18

    Just if you’re interested: A square root algorithm would not change anything except Thierry moving from third to first! (and Karen dropping one position back)

     (Status after “famous structures”)
    sum(sqrt(p)) sum(p)
    1 Thierry Wasserman 67.30 343
    2 euhuang 69.28 323
    3 antkam 72.70 339
    4 Paavo Pirinen 74.13 382
    5 unsusto 78.63 413
    6 Judy 87.03 498
    7 KAT 99.66 622
    8 12 108.38 706
    9 Anton Maslo 112.96 764
    10 Randolph King 114.66 798
    11 JJ 126.02 921
    12 Karen_R 127.07 912

    Congratulations, Thierry !

  • Paavo Pirinen at 2007-07-18

    Fantastic statistics. I’ve been more or less inactive lately, so I haven’t commented much, but GoE is going as good as ever and, most notably thanks to mongoose, the community and the game is still developing too. All these new statistics are tugging me back to serious GoE again (not that i’d been totally non serious for more than a couple of rounds, but still...)

    As for golf scorecard... positions are way better than scores, yes, but are not perfect either. Square roots have a good point, but another problem with positions is changes in the amount of players. Previously we’ve used a formula

    (position in game) * ( 100 / (# of players in game) )

    which might also go

    ((position in game)-1) * ( 100 / ((# of players in game)-1) )

    if we wanted every victory to weigh the same.

    Every scoring method has it’s weaknesses. Michael mentiones that summing scores overrates “easy” games that give high scores. Yet while this is true, his example “countries that begin with P” proves also the opposite: I missed nine points and scorewise that would be no problem, but losing those nine points dropped me from position one to position 22. Positionwise that round went very badly.

    Maybe we’ll need an own thread for scroning discussion... again.

  • Thierry Wasserman at 2007-07-18


    Must love those square roots :-) [and it made me look up the Polish president reference... you learn something new every day]

    I’m pretty impressed with mongoose knocking me from number 1 while having a best score.

    I like the golf score card. Seems fairer... and also highlights the fact that most people have either good games or screw up completely.

  • KPT at 2007-07-18

    good idea. "summing the positions is better than summing the scores, which would highly overrate “countries with P” type games. "

    maybe to apply to the official ranking.

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2007-08-26

    What happened mongoose, to this excellent website?

    Just wanted to lift it up again to first level and discovered that something seems wrong with the page.

  • KPT at 2007-08-26

    wow , the first game....OLDSCHOOL CONCEPTS.

    note that Chile is 3th on the contries ranking

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2007-08-29

    WAW! There is something happening with this web site all the time. Now this new feature Time Machine. It looks really nice, although I don’t think I fully understand it yet. Anyway, great job mongoose!

  • Art Duval at 2007-08-30

    Time Machine is great!

    And I’m finally on the Golf scorecard. :)

  • anwi at 2007-08-31

    Great page mongoose! I would add the longest streak to Individual Wins also.

  • mongoose at 2007-08-31

    I thought about that, but the longest streak is 3 and only 2 people have ever done it. You will become the 3rd shortly ;-)

  • KPT at 2007-08-31

    but is a good stat for the record.

    the monsters of GoE

  • Ed Collins at 2007-09-10

    I like the recent change to the Golf Scorecard. Good work.

  • Judy at 2007-09-23

    I like the recent change too. Thanks for putting in the time and effort for us.

  • KPT at 2007-09-24

    Chile down a level.

    we are out of the WORLD GROUP , thanks to israel.

    3GER(lauro,michael x,holgi)

    i think
    the 3 first countries must be called the WORLD GROUP

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-09-25

    kpato, Chile moved up in this round, just use the time machine to see the miserable situation after “countries in asia”. (if you want to see that, at all)

    Take it easy: Chile will remain top of the world, just choose the right contest (e.g. length in N-S direction)

    This post is primarily intended to keep the link to mongoose’s site on top, not to offend any nationalists.

  • KPT at 2007-09-25

    michael , are u proud to be german?

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-09-26

    I’d be as proud of my LG results, if I had chosen the flag of Bhutan or Utopia.
    I see this flag rather as a convenience for others, telling slightly more than the name (If you prefer, I understand German better than English. If you wonder about the time when I’m online: I’m located in Central Europe)

    When the German Soccer team will eventually win the (Women’s) WC in China, I’ll say
    “They are the best”, not “We are the best”.

    Being German is a fate I share with about 80 million other people on earth. It has some advantages and some disadvantages, and, IMO, the differences arising from that nationality should be as small as possible.

    Being a man is a fate I share with about half of mankind. It has some advantages and some disadvantages, and , ...

    kpato, assuming you’re proud to be Chilean, what does that mean for you (or others, Chileans and non-Chileans) in detail?

    This could become an interesting thread, and keep it on top of the forum ;)

  • KPT at 2007-09-26

    i dont understand the reason for call me "nationalist"
    that is bad or good?
    and why?

    im just putting some competence to our game

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-09-26

    I’d say you seem more nationalist than me,
    but “nationalist” is not bad by itself.

    Why are you asking?
    (Don’t defend yourself too much, you only risk to be teased or fooled)

    I guess you mean “competition”, but “competence” is a nice word as well.
    Thanks, you really do.
    I like your compelling contributions ;)

    (I have to look up such words myself)

  • ypercube at 2007-09-26

    Can competing conributions contribe compelling competence?

    ( Oh sorry, wrong thread! )

  • KPT at 2007-09-26

    right, "competition"
    so, be aware the next game.

    Chile is going to up to the World group.
    leadering by me.

    nationalist i dont think so
    competitive ,100porcent

  • Special at 2007-09-26

    Chile has a powerful players
    Kpato, Kako and me are the best of Chile

  • KPT at 2007-09-26

    newbie , do not blew this thread

  • Gregorlo at 2007-09-27

    kpato is more kpatist than nationalist...

  • KPT at 2007-09-29

    "Chile is going to up to the World group.
    leadering by me."


    i was wrong.
    congrats Xander for a new title.

  • MarleysGhost at 2007-10-01

    What is the weighting factor in

  • FatPhil at 2007-10-01

    Sum of top ten answers => 100.

    I’m no fan of Elvis' movies, but I managed a perfect 100 from that round!

  • slaapgraag at 2007-10-02

    FatPhil, looks like it’s an advantage not to like Elvis Movies – i just did wikipedia and ended 2nd to my big, big suprise!

  • KPT at 2007-10-04

    congrats to netherlands
    for the TEAM TITLE.

  • slaapgraag at 2007-10-04

    kpato, thx. I can’t believe i’m 2nd at the golfcard – i think i’d better quit right now....

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-10-05

    You can’t quit any more once you saw the scorecard:
    One game missed will take you 18 games to show up in the top 18 again.

  • slaapgraag at 2007-10-10

    AAAH! My whole rythm of life is disturbed now i became the happy father of my 2nd, healthy douhter. Now i missed an empaty round and my golfcard is down :-(

  • KPT at 2007-10-10

    congrats you lovebaby!

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-10-10

    That’s why it’s called “golf scorecard”.
    You won’t have time for this sport the next time.

    Congratulations !
    It’s well worth changing the priority.

  • slaapgraag at 2007-10-11

    thx, sure it is! Nice suggestion for the next GoE round: ways to misspell a girl-kid...

  • slaapgraag at 2007-11-22

    because of the nice link on top, it’s necessary to add a new post to this thread now and again....

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-11-23

    I am listed as “no country” in these stats, but I switched to my real country some weeks ago...

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-11-25

    A pity :(

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-11-25

    That’s called optimization :)

    slaapgraag can’t get rid of his former name (which is even worse, IMO)

    I’m sure it’s possible for mongoose to reinitialize the information related to a plid without reinitializing the whole statistics database...

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-11-25

    I guessed, but I don’t want to bother him. He’ll read about it here eventually and think a better way to deal with it (I would refresh it every once in a while for everyone and that would solve it forever for everyone... also optimizing :)

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-11-26

    Already corrected. Thanks!

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2007-11-26

    slaapgraag is still lovebaby, and the time machine does not tell when Ruben changed his nationality.

    (Any improvement just creates more demands ;)

    To be serious:
    A Great Site ! Thanks again, mongoose!

  • slaapgraag at 2007-11-30

    5 peaople entering the golf scoregard after furry animals!
    I’ll be totaly slaapgraag after 1-1-8 i think. (LB is ?) Whats wrong with slaapgraag?

  • slaapgraag at 2007-12-06

    25 players with a full golfcard! Never saw that before!

  • ypercube at 2007-12-06

    amd i missed getting in, just one game :(

  • Bill Collins at 2007-12-07

    Paavo’s golf card is impressive! Back to his champion form!

  • MarleysGhost at 2007-12-07

    What is the “course record” for golf score? The lowest I’ve seen is Art Duval after bridge, 132.

  • Ed Collins at 2007-12-07

    84... that score may never be bettered.

  • slaapgraag at 2007-12-13

    incredible, indeed!

  • slaapgraag at 2008-01-23

    like many others, i was first last two rounds. Too bad the site is not updated yet.

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-23

    I was working on the principle that mongoose had deliberately excluded such rounds. Even though, like you, I got 2 1st places, I feel that that achievement is barely worth recording, so would support mongoose’s decision to so exclude them.

  • KPT at 2008-01-23


    is the LGGoE sittuation is TRASH!! the reality
    exclude this info ...altere all the stats.

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2008-01-23

    No kpato,
    mongoose is free to calculate a different stadistic ;) than the LG site does... Even his “last 7” page does not need to give the same results.
    Nor do you have any legal right to see the same information in his “time machine” as in LG ‘past games’.

    I understand there’s some manual labor to fetch the data from LG. My respect for that work, BTW. I’d support it, if it’s mongoose’s decision, to skip roundds with more than x first places.
    But I fear he just did not find the time yet (or he tried to automate it, which needs spending even more time until it works ;)

    Another idea: As the ‘golf scorecard’ is the main reason not to skip a single GoE round, one could easier boycott such a silly repeat ...

  • Bill Collins at 2008-01-23

    Since those answers are the most chosen ones, someone may have picked them without looking at the past game too. I know it is unlikely but it could happen. For them to be denied a first in the stats would be wrong.

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-24

    They aren’t denied in the official stats.

  • slaapgraag at 2008-01-24

    Well, repeated games were included at the stats before (‘musical intrumets’ for example). I think anyone is free to skip a round, but each round is a round – so each round should count for the golfcard.

  • slaapgraag at 2008-03-26

    back on top

  • FatPhil at 2008-03-28

    And I notice a certain mass of metallic mayhem has just appeared on the golf score card! In less than a month, I think he should be near the top-25! (that being the approximate number who play every single game :-| )

  • Ed Collins at 2008-04-21

    And speaking of that scorecard, it’s a bummer for me it wasn’t updated after the “favorite dessert” expression.

    (And it’s still hasn’t been updated, even with the completion of “rude words.”)

    I took a break from playing Empathy for awhile and started playing again in February with the “furniture” category. I finally had completed 18 consecutive games and for the first time ever, I would have been #1 on the Scorecard!


    Mongoose, where are you?

  • ypercube at 2008-04-21

    Ed, would you consider putting into your FAQ, the links to mongoose’s Complete List, to tasuki’s Monster Rating, and to the Monster of LittleGolem tournament ?

    (and possibly of other web pages, related to littlegolem? i think there was a page with stretsoccer statistics)

  • Gregorlo at 2008-04-21

    This is the SS stats website :)

  • Ed Collins at 2008-04-21

    Hey, I have a better idea. There’s a lot of talk about the Monster Tournament in the forum and I’m sure there are new players who have no idea what you guys are talking about. Mentioning what the Monster Tournament is probably deserves its own question.

    So I added such a question, near the bottom of the page. Please check it for accuracy. (As you know, I don’t play in that tournament and I don’t read those forums.)

    As always, comments and suggestions for improvment are welcomed and encouraged.

    The StreetSoccer stats link I added in the description about StreetSoccer, near the top of the pge.

    And I already had a link to mongoose’s page. :) It’s located in the description about Empathy, also near the top.

    Finally, someone should bug Abigail and have her update her page on GWG statistics, which is almost a year out of date already.

  • KPT at 2008-04-27

    i have a new idea to the stats moongose.

    the individual wins its okey
    but maybe will be more interesting
    if not count the repeated expresions
    or the winning of 20 winners...

    just and idea

  • Judy at 2008-05-21

    I don’t see a problem with the ties. If someone has the #1 answer...they had the #1 answer. Who cares if 30 ther people had it as well?

  • FatPhil at 2008-05-21

    If it’s a repeat, it’s worthless, relative to the categories where you actually have to wrack your brains. IMHO.

    If RoRoRo can get #1, then that proves it’s practically worthless. He’s stoooopid.

  • Judy at 2008-05-21

    Hey!!! No badmouthing RoRoRo in this Forum.

    I think I tied him in useless answers this go around.

  • KPT at 2008-05-23

    congrats to are on the top!

    nice competition , now we have 8 countries
    matching for the national ranking "3 by country"

    hey moongose
    maybe it is a good idea to
    create a category of
    numbers of winns of the 3by country.

    for eg: “most beautiful words” 1 point for belgium.

  • slaapgraag at 2008-07-23

    ‘bad’ is the last updated topic? What about fork and panda?

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2008-07-24

    Now waiting for the “guitar” update as well.

    Dutch statistics must be even better by now ...

  • Robin at 2008-07-24

    Four different Dutch players have won 6 games out of the last 8. Our mission is to have more country wins than Poland and Finland before Christmas :D

  • KPT at 2008-07-24

    congrats to netherlands

    6/8 wins in the last games.

  • slaapgraag at 2008-07-27

    7 out of 9! :-)Robin, we’re gonna make it this way!!

  • Robin at 2008-07-27

    If we polish up our skills a little, I’m sure we can finnish ahead of them :)

  • FatPhil at 2008-07-27

    Are you trying to yank our chain?

  • Robin at 2008-07-30

    Can we say now, after the repeated “harry potter” round, we won 8 out of 10? Or perhaps 7.142857 out of 10?

  • ypercube at 2008-07-30

    I prefer the second count, although it is not in Greece’s favour :)

  • ypercube at 2008-07-30

    16 out of 337 compared to 2,0098 out of 337 ...

  • slaapgraag at 2008-08-02

    well done robin! What got into us lately?

  • KPT at 2008-08-02


  • Robin at 2008-08-26

    I’m going on holidays now, so I won’t be anywhere near a computer for about a week. Next week I will know if I have broken mongoose’s record of 18 successive 7 game titles.

  • KPT at 2008-08-29


  • movieloverxxl at 2008-08-29

    i’m sorry :p

  • movieloverxxl at 2008-08-29

    Ps. I was 2nd many times after Robin, so it was time for a payback

  • movieloverxxl at 2008-12-26

    I want the site to be updated! Mongoose???

    happy holidays :)

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2008-12-26

    Beautiful! This seems the time when wishing helps ...

  • movieloverxxl at 2008-12-26


    thanks :D!!!!!

  • KPT at 2009-01-04

    wow this is on fire.
    congratss marley.

  • Ola Mikael Hansson at 2009-01-14

    Could I please beg for more updates? I check this site daily, and love browsing the statistics when it has been updated :)

  • slaapgraag at 2009-01-23

    it’s updated....

  • ypercube at 2009-02-03

    Something is broken at the site, mongoose. The only page that works is the “Last 7 Games” page.

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-02-04

    I think it’s being repaired slowly. The first links including “Individual Wins” are working again. (golfscore with the great overview of the last 18 games is still missing, though)

    BTW, it has got some improvement, if I remember right: Links to LG Main and LG GoE, and Individual Wins is new or very different, with some strange numbers ...

  • FatPhil at 2009-02-04

    Those ‘individual wins’ look rather like the last 7 games weighted and unweighted?

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-02-05

    It’s obviously work in progress: Now, ‘individual wins’ looks much more interesting.
    First attempt to filter out repeats!

    Let’s guess how a repeat is defined
    (and distinguishes from a near repeat like “flower” vs. “names of flowers”):
    - Exactly the same term ;(
    - More than a 5-tie for position 1 ?)
    - Whenever RoRoRo notices the repeat ?

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-02-05

    ‘individual wins’ looks very interesting:
    - You need to have at least one win in a non-repeat game to show up in that ...
    - The “top ten words” are obviously calculated among the non-repeats only.
    - “Solo wins” filters out too simple games as well.

    Very Nice Statistics.
    Congrats to Mongoose and to those with remarkable scores in that list.

    Hasn’t there been a number of total rounds per player in the previous version (and a percentage based on that, in the “top ten finishes” ?) No idea where this number comes(came) from? I do not see where to extract it from the GoE past games or the player info ...

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-02-05

    > where this number comes from?
    Open all detail pages (Date column) from the past games list and collect all players and their positions...

  • FatPhil at 2009-02-05

    “- Whenever RoRoRo notices the repeat ?-) ”

    Please, oh please, NO!!!!!!

    I’ve just seen what he’s done for the last game...

  • mongoose at 2009-02-11

    I have completed the changes to the site.
    Some tables have additional columns.
    Some tables have sortable columns.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-02-12

    Thx mongoose, these statistic are great!

    One question: in table “Last 7 Weighted” what is column “By High Score” and what “By Max Score”?

    One remark: in “Most 7-Game Titles” last game is not taken into calculation.

    And it will be nice to see you (and Robin) play again.

  • mongoose at 2009-02-12

    Some expressions attract more players or result in rather obvious candidates for the top ten answers. Such games will yield more points than others. Weighting the scores is an attempt to make each game count for 1/7 of the final score so that no single game becomes more valuable than the others.

    Weighted “By High Score” is based on the ratio between your score and the winner’s score. In a game where the winner scores 276 points, that winner gets 100 added to his “weighted” score. A player that scores 225 in that same game will earn (100 × 225 / 276) 81.52 “weighted” points.

    Weighted “By Max Score” is based on the ratio between your score and the sum of the top ten answers. If 279 were the sum of the top ten answers from the game mentioned above, the winner will receive (100 × 276 / 279) = 98.92 points.

    I may return to empathy competition once Richard implements a process to avoid expressions from being repeated.

    I checked the calculation of “Most 7-Game Titles” and it looks correct to me. Take another look and let me know which values appear to be wrong.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-02-12

    Thx, now I understand a difference between two columns.

    For calculation take, for example, “time machine”, and go to “Hot places”. There in “Most 7-Game Titles” Paavo Pirinen have 56 titles. Then go to next game “legal drugs”. Here Paavo Pirinen is first on “Last 7 Games”, but in “Most 7-Game Titles” hi still have “only” 56 titles. Then go to next game “famous landmarks”. Now hi is not first on “Last 7 Games”, but in “Most 7-Game Titles” hi have 57 titles.

    To me, it seem that last game is not taken into calculation.

  • mongoose at 2009-02-13

    I was indeed excluding the last game. I noticed the first 7-game title was also being excluded. Thanks to your careful observation, now both bugs have been fixed.

  • Ed Collins at 2009-02-13

    I really like seeing the FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE in the “Top-10 Finishes” list.

    Any chance in the future you can add a similar percentage in the “Individual Wins” list?

    I’m taking a long break from the game and thus my total wins are no longer near the leaders. But I’d still like to be able to see how my total compares, percentage wise, with the number of games I’ve played. Also, new players, who may never reach the leaders, will still be able to compare their win percentage against the leaders.

    Good work, by the way.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-02-17

    Thx, calculations are ok now.

    How you detect repeated expressions, mongoose? If you have some good algorithm, maybe you can tell it to Richard to help him exclude repetition.

  • mongoose at 2009-02-17

    Honestly, I just manually mark any game I consider to be a repeat. One formal definition might be: any game with multiple winners where some combination of words from the top-20 of any previous game results in the current game’s high score. Unfortunately, this process can only be applied after a game has been played.

  • KPT at 2009-02-26

    well played meanguy (simpsons)

  • FatPhil at 2009-02-27

    Springfield was calling, but I didn’t have the time to work out what to cull. Well played meanguy indeed.

  • KPT at 2009-02-27

    i though "Matt groening"

  • mongoose at 2009-02-28

    I threw together a win percentage query and posted it at the above link instead of incorporating it into "Individual Wins"

  • Hjallti ★ at 2009-06-12

    just wondering...
    Is this updated regulary, or do we have to ask?

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-06-13

    I guess it does not update for repeated topics (But they are included later).

    I have the impression this great statistics site is one of the few things where strong wishing sometimes comes true. Not sure if asking helps as well.

    But bumping this thread with the link in the first post is good, anyway.

  • Hjallti ★ at 2009-06-23

    bumping this thread!

  • Hjallti ★ at 2009-07-07

    I will try to bump it again because my stats are raising so goood lately!

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-07-14

    update, please

  • slaapgraag at 2009-07-26

    update, please

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-08-20

    update, please

  • blargdragon at 2009-08-23

    esaelp ,etadpu

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2009-08-24

    That’s too early for a strong wish, blargdragon. Especially repeated topics are seldom triggering an update.

  • blargdragon at 2009-08-25

    You can tell I was being serious because I wrote the words backwards!

  • Hjallti ★ at 2009-09-09


  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-09-22

    update, please

  • slaapgraag at 2009-10-19

    Not much use trying to get a full golfcard this way :-(

  • MarleysGhost at 2009-11-07

    Thank you, mongoose, for the update!

  • slaapgraag at 2009-11-12

    Nice to be able to look at the stats again!

  • KPT at 2009-11-25


    powerful finland team!

  • Paavo Pirinen at 2009-12-19

    Hey, thanks. Seems we’re not that powerful at reading the forum, though.

  • slaapgraag at 2010-01-21


  • slaapgraag at 2010-02-03

    update, please?

  • slaapgraag at 2010-02-17

    update, please? / bumping

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2010-03-01

    update please ( once a month ?)

    “bird” was some time ago
    (I took slaapgraags roles as bumper and as #1 ;=)

  • slaapgraag at 2010-03-02

    I think it’s only Paavo who LIVES at the #1 pos now and then... But isn’t it nice to reach the top now and then, Michael? ;-)

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2010-03-02

    @slaapgraag: Yes, it is ;-)
    I don’t envy your being in Position #1 there so long already, as I’m sure you are also interested in seeing it updated.

    Unfortunately, mongoose seems inactive since he finished his dvonn championship games.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2010-03-14

    stats are updated

  • slaapgraag at 2010-03-14

    thx elisa, thx mongoose!

  • dgreene11235 at 2010-03-22

    Thanks for the update, but if I could make a suggestion I think it could make the ranking a little more meaningful. If there was a way to give more weight to players who have played a significant number of games and maintained a high rank. I think someone who plays 100 games and keeps a 20% average is a lot more impressive than someone who has only played 10 games and keeps a 20% average. Any thoughts?

  • KPT at 2010-03-31

    great game “opposites”.


  • slaapgraag at 2010-04-02

    @ Dgreene: for the best over the last 18 games there is the golfcard. I just wish it was updated more often (although I played like shit the last rounds..)

  • Aganju at 2010-04-02

    with the link at the top ( I always get an outdated overview (last update after WW I – that was 1918, 92 years ago, right? ;-) ).

    Is it me? or my browser? or what??

  • MichaeI X ★ at 2010-04-03

    It’s “what” (at least not you or your browser)

  • Hjallti ★ at 2010-04-16

    Updates have to been done manually. So you have to wait till it happens.

    See posts above with ‘update, please’

    I would welcome an update aswell

  • slaapgraag at 2010-04-16

    where is mongoose when you need him?

  • Dionysos at 2010-04-26

    Thanks for the “Complete list of last seven games”, but it’s been on World War 1 for AGES!!! Is there somewhere that you could get the latest games automatically, without someone (mongoose, I think, who organised it) manually putting it in all the time?

  • slaapgraag at 2010-05-04

    Too bad the last update was almost as long ago as world war 1 itself. The only good thing is, if the site doesnt reresh anymore, the stats after this game ;) Must’ve been the last time i was #1! :)

  • Hjallti ★ at 2010-05-09

    Mongoose (tavis bennett lee) has not played since March. I tried to find a contact address on but failed. (didn’t have so much time). Maybe we should try to ask him if he could pass his work to someone. Or to refresh once more.
    Does anyone know why he left?

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2010-05-16

    stats are updated!

    thx mongoose!

  • slaapgraag at 2010-05-16

    Bad timing! (As long as my personal stats are concerned ;-) )
    Thx, mongoose!

  • slaapgraag at 2010-06-21

    Looking at the stats: Update, please! ;-)

  • FatPhil at 2010-09-08

    I’m sure RoRoRo would volunteer to continue this if the database was transferred to he/she/it.

  • MarleysGhost at 2010-09-09

    or to him/her/it.

  • slaapgraag at 2010-09-10

    so let’s all shout with me (he might hear) M-O-N-G-O-O-O-O-O-O-S-E....
    (or maybe i’ll wait till i’m back in the top 10 ;-) )

  • FatPhil at 2010-09-10

    Good call.

    I was trying to type s/h/it, but didn’t know how to decline that, so got confuddled!

  • Hjallti ★ at 2010-10-18

    I don’t want him to hear this... I am at place 10 in his current list and that is better than if refreshed!


  • Hjallti ★ at 2010-10-27

    It is updated!

  • MarleysGhost at 2010-10-27

    Thank you, Mongoose!

  • slaapgraag at 2010-10-29

    oh my – mongoose is still alive?

  • slaapgraag at 2010-11-05

    It’s updated again! Nice!

  • Hjallti ★ at 2011-04-05

    I hope it will be updated again sometime

    Maybe someone else so get the code and data to take it over.

  • slaapgraag at 2012-03-23

    Darse puts the golfcard on the forum. Thx, man! bump this one anyway

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2012-10-11

    I accidentally discovered that these stats work again!!!
    I do not know since when it is active again, but it is up to date with the latest game “father”. A big thank you to mongoose.

  • slaapgraag at 2012-10-11

    Elisa! thx for sharing! That’s nice!
    (And a big help for those hated repeated items too, BTW).
    Mongoose is back? Really?

  • MarleysGhost at 2012-10-11

    Hot dog!

  • slaapgraag at 2012-12-25

    unsusto/Pinobambu has on the scorecard (‘famous time travellers’) a score of 58. My...! Did Paavo ever get a score like that? Very impressive!

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2013-04-20

    update, please

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2013-11-17

    does not work corerctly for me>I am in canada.that country is not in the options for me.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2013-12-30

    only showns results from a few countries,mine is not on it. bah humbug!

  • slaapgraag at 2014-01-04

    CleverHunk, the site is down for a very long time. For updates see the golf scoerecard thread.

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