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Technical questions
  • Paavo Pirinen at 2006-02-27

    It’s nice that spaces and caps are ignored in our answers (‘Star Wars’ apparently would count same as ‘starwars’). But how about puncturation and such? Would 'Don’t do it!' count same as ‘dontdoit’? How about special characters (like ‘u’ with dots upon it) and accent marks? Does the program undestand them?

    Sorry for asking this again, but I got no aswer the first time and sice then the question has become more relevant as expressions we are supposed to assosiate from get more diverse.

  • Paavo Pirinen at 2006-03-04

    Ah. I found a way to check that by myself. Just write different forms to your submission list and see how many words are accepted. It costs nothing since you can always go back and write a new list. Seems the program ignores for example periods, but doesn’t ignore exlamation marks.

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