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Viewer/editor for toroidal Go
  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2018-01-04

    Hopefully it should be fairly self explanatory.

    The source code is on github.

    Disclaimer – it may well not work on mobile phones.

    Please let me know if you like it! I would be please to see some other people commented their games using this tool. Let me know/send me the sgf and I could put it on my blog..


  • eobllor at 2018-01-06

    Very nice replayer!
    I have but one reservation: while panning is a really cool feature, the labels of the intersections unfortunately stay fixed when the stones are shifted (and by the way, I’d prefer the rows to be ordered from bottom to top), therefore a label (e.g. ‘a1’) no longer indicates the same stone after a shift.

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2018-01-06


    Good points. I expect to be able to tweak it fairly soon to have shifting coords and I’ll add an option to choose the direction of the vertical coordinates.

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2018-01-13

    I made some further improvements. Summary:

    • a new feature to load a game from LG by the game ID (experimental)
    • choice of type of coordinates; top to bottom or bottom to top are among the options available
    • coordinates displayed on the edge of the board
    • choice of markers for wraparound boundary
    • coordinates pan along with the rest of the board as suggested by eobllor

    It would be nice if people were to use this tool to make some commentaries of t-Go games – maybe those interested could post the t-Go SGF for their commentary to this forum?

    In order to encourage that, I hereby propose a new game, with me as the sole judge: the winner is the person who has provided the most interesting commentary (up to me to make a subjective judgement on that) of a t-Go game. Let’s say the deadline for submissions is 2018-03-01 12:00 GMT. By the way I do not intend to participate in this game by submitting my own t-Go commentaries as it wouldn’t be fair... :)

    Any takers?

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