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Random Catchup: New User Tournaments!
  • Ray Garrison at 2017-11-17

    The Random variation is a very fun game!  I strongly recommend it.  (one of my favorite games)

    I have just added three new user tournaments, 

    November 2017 Random Catchup begins Nov. 23

    December 2017 Random Catchup begins Dec. 15

    January 2018 Random Catchup begins Jan. 1


    (or click on “tournaments” and scroll down to catchup, then far right click on user tournaments)


  • NapoleonGolemite at 2017-12-01

    Do you like it more than regular Catchup? If so, why? 

  • Ray Garrison at 2017-12-02

    Yes, I do like random better.  The different starting positions suggest different opening strategies (sometimes), and the middle game tactics can be more interesting, for example, you can sometimes play to cut off an arm of the board.  So in other words, the strategies tend to be richer than in symmetrical catchup.  Much more exciting, in my opinion.

  • Ray Garrison at 2018-01-01

    I have added new monthly random catchup tournaments, all double round robin, rated for February, March , April and May, open for registration now.

    Have Fun!!

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