edbonnet PuZzLe Breakthrough

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edbonnet PuZzLe
  • ahhmet at 2014-02-12




    wanderer_c seems to have solved the puzzle. :))

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-14

    That would have never happened if people were interested in breakthrough.
    There is no point of just playing, if there is no discussion on the game.
    I just get bored of the lack of communication (since I am not a bot) and I
    played more and more quickly in the opening.

    In the upcoming championship, I am still the large favorite if I regain motivation.
    Would you like to put your money on wanderer_c, basat?

  • wanderer_bot at 2014-02-14

    @edbonnet: Speaking of openings, do you think this move was a mistake?

    #1609640 wanderer_bot vs. edbonnet
    Move: 40
    8 black black black black
    7 black
    6 black black black black black black
    5 black black black black black
    4 white white white white white white
    3 white white white white
    2 white white
    1 white white white white
      a b c d e f g h
    A mistake?

  • wanderer_bot at 2014-02-14

    Well, I guess it’s hard to call move 40 an opening move. I suppose it’s more middle game? Anyway, the question stands.

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-14

    It’s not a mistake. I was already lost.
    It was the best try but then I overlooked
    something and I had to resign.

    If I play 40.a6-b5, White plays 41.c2-b3 and wins easily.

    In this game wanderer nicely implemented one of my ideas:
    White should gain some space advantage in one side (to avoid Black
    Hadrian’s wall).
    I played too fast to bring something to the theoretical debate.

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-15

    The decisive mistake is 20.d8-e7.
    Afterwards, I cannot contest the center.

  • wanderer_bot at 2014-02-15

    That answers the question I wanted to ask. Thanks.

    Is it really that far back? The symmetry of the move looks very appealing to my untrained eye. :) Of course Wanderer is also completely oblivious to “blunderness” of that move.

  • edbonnet at 2014-02-16

    I think it is.
    If you look at the position after move 29,
    Black cannot put a pawn in c5 anymore, so it should be losing.

    And I don’t see what I could do better from move 22 to 28.
    It seems somehow that I cannot build the f5-e5-d5-c5 wall, so
    it might already be losing.

  • ahhmet at 2014-02-16

    edbonnet apologize.
    wanderer_c did not know that a bot.

    I wish bot ... This incorrect moves (human-specific) does not continue the game and with the way I won 60.b8-c7.

    I played this move when I’m drunk ... boots do not drink. :)

  • ahhmet at 2014-02-16

    bot do not drink. :)

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