New Team: Mediocre Breakthrough Players Breakthrough

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New Team: Mediocre Breakthrough Players
  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-05-20

    Hello; I just created a new Team. (link).
    Just post here or send me a PM if you’d like to play in my Team!

  • Aganju at 2011-05-20


  • somar96 at 2011-05-21

    Does rating of 1450 make ma mmedicore?

  • somar96 at 2011-05-21

    make me*

  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-05-21

    In my opinion, “mediocre” should have a rating 1550-1750. But if you really want, I invite you, no problem!

  • MRFvR at 2011-05-21

    Then in most game (not Breakthrough though) I dream of becoming mediocre

  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-05-22

    But you can create your own team. Like... uh... “I like breakthrough, but I suck” ;)
    (See Gomuku Team List!)

  • somar96 at 2011-05-22

    I don’t like gumoku

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