rating manipulation exposed. Breakthrough

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rating manipulation exposed.
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2007-02-14

    I entered a monthly cup brkthr.mc.2007.feb.1.5 One player entered this tournament twice under two different identities. I can prove it is the same person. One identity is “SniPer+”; Player #13002. The other identity is “Tesshu”; Player #13890. Both identities are from Turkey. I know for a fact they are one in the same, as “SniPer” was the #1 player of Breakthrough at www.brainking.com for a very long time (until I recently passed him) and he recently changed his name at that site to “Tesshu”. Anyhow, in the mentioned February cup tournament, SniPer+ and Tesshu played a nine move game and then Sniper+ resigned to himself. I called him on his deceptions and he resigned to me without making a move. This player is a rating manipulator and in my opinion, a cheater. For the record, he is also known to play at littlegolem under “ahmet”; Player #12384, “hunTer”; Player #13781, “TaTsumaru”; Player #13842 and as “PreDator” at brainking. Notice that all these players are from turkey, and he often uses CaPital letters in the middle of his identitiy.

  • Tesshu at 2007-02-16

    THIS IS A PLOT... :(

    benden korkma RAY!
    ve hakkımda dedikodu çıkarma.
    burası arkadaşlık ve oyun sitesi; sadece oyununu oyna!

  • Tesshu at 2007-02-16

    This is a plot... :(

    benden korkma RAY!
    ve hakkimda dedikodu cikarma.
    burasi arkadaslik ve oyun sitesi; sadece oyununu oyna!

  • Eduard at 2007-02-16

    Tesshu, maybe you should post the same sentences in turkish using other LG’s ids: ahmet, PreDator etc. :)

  • Tesshu at 2007-02-16

    AS A RESULT; ALL my Ratings... :O)

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