Rating Tournaments despite lost games? Breakthrough

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Rating Tournaments despite lost games?
  • Chris at 2006-07-27

    I’d love to see rating tournaments start up ASAP despite the loss of games/ establishment of ratings in the player base. To be honest, I think that most player’s ranks didn’t change that much from this backup to the loss. I only moved a few ranks overall and only lost about 100 pts. of rating.

    So. Whenever you can, could you make this available?

    What does everyone else feel?

  • Ray Garrison at 2006-08-04

    I promised to Richard M that I would make a donation of $50 as soon as he implemented rating tournaments in breakthrough and all the other games, as well. This was a few months ago. He agreed and told me he would implement the rating tournaments (again, a few months ago), but he never acted on this one, so I am still holding on to that $50....which I would really like to donate to him....I suggest that all of you who want rating touranments in any game at all, please email Richard to express your desire....

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