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Dots-And-Boxes Top League Championship Points - POST ON THIS ONE!
  • Scot at 2005-08-03

    I’ve put something in <a href=‘/jsp/info/player.jsp?plid=1412’>my misc page</a that will likely interest dots players.

    It is my view that the LittleGolem rating does not accurately show the ranking for the strongest dots-and-boxes players. Ratings are sometimes manipulated; I’ve done it myself! The ranking in the most recently completed top championship league is better, but it is a rather
    limited view. My system looks at only how you did against the toughest players. I suggest the ranking be determined by who has the most top league championship points. Yea, I know, this is quite self-serving, but hey, this is my miscellaneous info page so I can do it the way I want!

    Besides, I have some time on my hands now that I’m anxiously
    awaiting the next dots championship!

    To demonstrate some impartiality, I’ve picked the most of the ‘points for place’ table from the first site that I found that had this sort of thing. I only added the “11+” column.

    I’ll admit one flaw in my system. The latest championship should count for more than something that happened some years ago. However any attempt to give greater weight to more recent championships would make the system enormously more complicated. I’m open to suggestions.

    I suspect that some of you dots players will have something to say about this!

  • Draakhan (on vacation) at 2005-08-04

    I think that your ranking is unfair to players which assign LG later than others, e.g. Dansgek or me: I haven’t manipulated rank so I think that my second position at this moment is just but I don’t have chances to better position in your ranking because of fact that it was my first Championship in Top League.

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