Swedish variant 5x5 Dots and Boxes

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Swedish variant 5x5
  • Christian K at 2014-04-16

    One variant of the game has all edge moves played from the start. Who do you think has the winning strategy in that case on a 5x5? Also, is anyone up for a game? Or is there a simple winning strategy?

    It does seem hard for several chains to appear since each chain has to have end-point in rings.

  • diego44 at 2014-04-16

    This has proven to be a 11-14 win for p2 I think.

  • Christian K at 2014-04-25

    Thanks. Do you recall where you have seen it?

  • Dryad at 2014-04-25

    wccanard mentioned it here (2008-02-25)

  • 7ics at 2014-04-25

    i played that once against a total beginner; i was player 1 and i would have lost if my opponent knew the all-but-two-trick. it’s impossible for p1 to accomplish anything really.

  • Christian K at 2014-04-27

    That is what I would suspect although the 11-14 suggests it to be more balanced. 7ics, would you mind playing?

  • Christian K at 2014-05-12

    Would it be reasonable to play on a larger board (since a lot of moves have already been played and it seems like it would give more room to play around with.

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