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Messages disappeared?
  • Allan Mertner at 2019-08-16

    All of my old messages, mainly about completed games, are gone. Is this something that has affected more than just my messages? Will they come back, or are they gone?


  • Mutation mayhem at 2019-08-16

    Just checked my personnel messages which exist back to 2013

  • Mutation mayhem at 2019-08-16

    My first post in the last post forum in 2014 is still there

    and the oldest post I can find is 2002

  • Nagy Fathy at 2019-08-16

    The footnote of the inbox page says "Old messages will be deleted by system."

    I think that explains what happened to you.

    Regarding the personal messages, the system never deletes them. 

  • Mutation mayhem at 2019-08-17

    I have 11 days of SYSTEM finished game/tournaments messages that have all been read

    Not sure what happens with them if you don’t access them, could also be just over 10 days?

  • Nagy Fathy at 2019-08-17

    My observation is, the old messages are deleted by two criteria, first the number of messages in your box (inbox, or outbox), then the oldest date of the system messages. I discovered that my old personal messages before 2017 were deleted, while my outbox messages before 2013 were deleted.  

  • Allan Mertner at 2019-08-19

    I think what I see is a bug. I have just two messages left, both from 2013. All of my more recent messages, including from last week, are gone. It doesn’t matter much but is a bit annoying – until recently, I had tons and tons of messages there.

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