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Unable to restore a password and log in
  • Andrey at 2019-02-07

    Hi! Participant Lomaben has lost password and now can’t log in to LG. The news is also here https://www.facebook.com/NCTU6

    I guess only few people noticed this post on FB and thus I repeat it here. I have conacted NCTU6 on FB and was told "Forgotten password" did not work. It is weird to lose player of such reason. I hope the problem can be solved promtly so we can continue our game in LG Connect6 champ.

    I hope on admin help.

    Best regards, Andrey.

  • David Ploog ★ at 2019-02-08

    Same problem as the other forum topic. I hope the administrator has time to look into this. It’s losing players :(

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