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changing password
  • blinkinhek at 2018-12-27

    My profile page does not seem to allow me to change my password.

    I must be missing something

  • The_Burglar at 2018-12-27

    The password is generated by the site, it will change if you change your email address

    I change mine every year, I change the last 4 digits to match the current year, anti-spam idea of mine

    Also with gmail I can add dots and a + extension to have loads of email address’s that show original recipient

    But all go into one inbox

  • mmKALLL at 2018-12-28

    You can also reset it by logging out and clicking the “reset your password” button. The site will send a password in plaintext to your email.

    (Very insecure, but what are attackers going to do? Resign all your games? Donate money to Richard?)

  • Sighris at 2018-12-28

    mmKALLL wrote: Very insecure, but what are attackers going to do? Yes, not super secure, but as secure as the user’s email.  That is if somebody did want to make their opponent resign, they would need to get into their opponent’s email (or intercept the email somehow)... So as your (rhetorical) questions indicate (to me), seems good enough to me. :) 

    BTW, Happy New Year mmKALLL (and everybody else too)!!! 

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