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  • Carroll ★ at 2018-10-30

    This site is fantastic.

    Many new games are added each year.

    There is no publicity.

    It is a tough time for board games.

    Of the 25 last general forum topics, only 3 were responded by members.

    People would like to have new games added.

    Some people created new user tournaments.

    I will renew my membership before Xmas.

    I hope some of you reading this will do also.

    This was my 2 cents.

  • jytou at 2018-11-01

    +1 let’s support this quite simple yet great site!

  • apetresc ★ at 2018-11-01

    Thank you for reminding me that my membership had just expired :)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2018-11-02

    yep, my * vanished already a while ago... 

  • Chaosu ★ at 2018-11-12


  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2018-11-13

    After more than 16 years of the free account, I have just paid my first membership fees now.

    I have discovered how lost I am without Littlegolem in the last outage. 

    I really like this site, and I hope to renew my membership regularly.

  • Carroll ★ at 2018-11-13

    Thx for the reminder Nagy, I just did too!

  • purgency at 2018-11-13

    Perhaps we could try to come up with some new ideas for membership benefits that makes it more attractive.

    Common ideas for premium stuff I have seen elsewhere are cosmetics, like having gifs as avatars or special emojis (which we currently don’t have at all). Then maybe some way to customize the site for yourself, for example choosing between different board schemes for some games could fit into this (Hex has a couple). For game of empathy perhaps you could be able to submit expressions to be used. I’m sure there is a couple things that could be done, but that’s all I can come up with right now.

  • Galdian at 2018-11-13

    I would love to have the possibility of sorting my games. Sometimes I have 50+ moves to play (usually 20-30 moves to play) and skipping through all games in which I am not ready to move yet is really troublesome. If I would be able to sort games into two categories (games, in which I will be probably ready to answer my opponent after his next move, and games, in which I need a lot of time to think about move), that would be a big help. Such tool is very useful, but not “pay to win”, so should be a nice premium option.

  • The_Burglar at 2018-11-13

    itsyourturn has members only tournaments also has ladders
    yourturnmyturn can sort games by “user” “online” “game” "time"
    goldtoken lots of varients
    brainking lots of varients, and payed entry to some tournaments but with prizes

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