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Hex + TwixT PP tournament in Wrocław?
  • Galdian at 2018-09-17

    Hey guys, as the promotional slogan of the city where I live (Wrocław, Poland) is “the meeting place”, I was thinking about making a connection games tournament – 2 days event with Hex tournament and TwixT PP tournament.
    As for now there is no details yet, I’m just checking if there are any players interested in joining such tournament, please let me know :)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-20

    Not that I will be able to attend, BUT

    How are you going to have a PP tournament? Will the players use different colored pencils on sheets of paper?

    It’s not easy to implement PP rules with an actual game set.

    Why not have a standard Twixt tournament instead?

  • Galdian at 2018-09-20

    It’s not easy to get an actual game set, especially in amount required to organize tournament. I’ve never played standard TwixT, and I guess it might be common for many players (especially Polish players), I’ve learned PP here and had no earlier experiences with the game.

    I also believe, that this version is worth to promote, as you can play it on the math notebook. In my school days, we used to play https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dots_(game) but there were always some doubts regarding the rules, TwixT PP is perfect in this matter and I regret, that I didn’t know it earlier.

    I consider either printing a lot of paper boards, or laminate it and play with washable marker (this is probably better idea).

    And BTW, I like the sole idea of republishing the game, but I’m not sure, if I would purchase it, as the game equipment looks rather impractical compared to the quick PP gameplay (you draw a dot, and maybe draw a short line or two).

  • Maciej Celuch at 2018-09-20


    I think it’s a great idea – whatever the rules of twixt – PP or standard, in both cases it would be a lot of fun.

    I have both twixt (this board) and hex (19x19 size, wooden and in good quality) boards in my possession so I can take it, Remember that we can do every possible n<=19 hex board from 19x19 size. Unfortunately I do not have stones for hex, so someone should provide it.

    So I hope I’m in but it all depends on when this tournament will take place.

    Kind Regards,

    Maciej Celuch

  • Loony at 2018-09-20

    I just want to say I am interested too, but depends on the date.

  • Galdian at 2018-09-24

    Date seems to be the most important factor, so I don’t want to rush things, I think that Q1 of 2019 is the earliest term (and I will make a poll for the interested players, including people, who I’ve contacted personally, we are close to 10 players for now). I would like to use this time to make some TwixT PP + HEX workshops in Wrocław to increase the playerbase (I don’t have high hopes for quantity nor quality, but it’s always nice to have more players).

  • Florian Jamain at 2018-09-24

    If it is in 2019, we have time so... I could think about it. 

  • Galdian at 2018-09-27

    Great! I believe that we have no reasons to be hasty, I would like to avoid the situation, in which any player would not be able to participate due to the short notice period. Especially, if such a star is considering participation :)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-27

    Heres a zip file containing a pdf document with two versions of the board: one with diagonal guide lines and one without.  If you prefer specific colors to match the colors of whatever pens or pencils you get, please let me know & I will email you a modified version. If you can access a printer that can print a larger board, I could change the page size.

  • Galdian at 2018-09-27

    Thanks, I’ve already used this useful file :)

    Although I’ll have to check how it works with lamination, I’ll contact you in case of any problems, many thanks for your support! :)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2018-09-28

    You’re most welcome. If you want to print on two 8.5" x 11" sheets to produce a board about 10.5" across, or if you can print on two “legal” size 8.5" x 14" sheets to produce a board about about 13.5" across, I can accomodate you.

  • Mirko Rahn at 2018-10-13

    Not that I will be able to compete, BUT I am interested to play.

  • Galdian at 2018-10-14

    Haha, in both games you have much higher ranking than I, so at least you should get any points.

  • CosimoC at 2018-12-15

    Hello friends. Yesterday I discovered both this discussion, and the fact that Bari (the town in which I live) has a direct flight connection with Wroclaw. Very good! I am a poor Hex player and I cannot contribute, but it will be exciting to play Twixt face to face. Nowadays, the only place in which it is possible to play concrete Twixt is London in August , at the Mind Sport Olympiad (among the London players of these last years, I can list myself, Florian, Bharat, Jochen...).

    The good piece of news is that I have 2 Kosmos Twixt Boards and 2 Klee Boards. A friend of mine has 6 Kosmos Boards, and I will look for other boxes. I am optimistic about the fact that we can arrive around 15 original Boards. Of course it will be crucial to know how many people will gather to play Twixt.

  • DrJochum ★ at 2018-12-15

    I could also add four Twixt boards.
    And I am still interested to play, if it fits into my calender.
    I also have no experience with Hex. Actually I would be more interested to play LoA as a second game!

  • Loony at 2018-12-15

    I’m still very interested to participate and would like to know if there are news about the date?

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